How to Download Free NCERT Books and Study Material: 2022

Tired of using your school books? Want to gain more knowledge related to your subjects? Students who are ambitious always look for more and more material from where they can get knowledge. Many students are there who don’t take admission in colleges after completion of 10th and 12th standard, instead, they prepare for competitive examinations and they are almost targeting IITs and NITs to pursue their career.
We have Google, YouTube, and thousands of sites from where we can gather knowledge. But one of the best material which we can refer for cracking the cut-off marks of any competitive exams, we can refer an amazing book known as NCERT Books, which covers the major concepts starting from 1st standard up to 12th standard.
Introduction About NCERT Books.
You must be knowing that NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and training which is an organization. It was established in the year 1961 by Government of India. It provides educational materials in different schools for a betterment of students. It helps in improving their knowledge, grasping power, learning skills, communication skills and many more things.
The NCERT books are available for all the major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and much more.

If you want to buy NCERT books, you can buy it from e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon. You can buy NCERT books for individual classes as well as a set of classes like NCERT Book for class 6th to 12th, UPSC Exam or any other examination you are preparing for.
A number of applications have been developed related to NCERT books available on Google Play Store, App Store and other. Basically, NCERT books are referred by students who are studying in CBSE board or preparing for competitive exams like UPSE, ICSE,  and others.
You can access the NCERT Books available in EPUB Format, for that you need to install the application on your android, windows or iOS devices. I am mentioning a link below from where you can find the application because the name of the application is not given there. Here is the link:
Top 5 Applications for NCERT Books:
Before mentioning the ways to Download Free NCERT Books we will see which are the top 5 applications you can use for studying from NCERT Books. Downloading these applications is also very much beneficial for you. List of applications.

  1. NCERT Books: If you are thinking to prepare from applications, then downloading NCERT Books is one of the best things. It covers all the major concepts which you have studied in your school life. Download NCERT Books application and start clearing your doubts.
  1. NCERT Solutions of NCERT Books: Having all the solutions, of every question NCERT Solutions of NCERT Books is one of the best application. If you are stuck at any question or not able to find the solution then, you can refer this application.
  1. NCERT Books and Study Material: Download this application and clear all the major concepts of class 6th to class 12th. Very beneficial application for teachers and students for learning purpose. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and other subjects are covered in this book.
  1. NCERT Books Free Downloads: Using this application, you can prepare for various applications like NEET, UPSC, IAS, State PSC, JEE and other competitive examinations.
  1. NCERT Solutions: Developed by, this application covers all the solution from class 6th to class 12th. You can use this application in offline mode also. Major subjects of class 12th like Chemistry, Physics, Maths are covered in this book.
  1. Class 10 Study Material: If you are looking specifically for 10th standard then, Class 10 Study Material is one of the best. It covers all the major concepts of 10th
  1. CBSE, ICSE, SSC, 9,10,11,12: You must get an idea by the name itself. This application covers the concept from which you can revise the course of class 9th to class 12th as well as you can prepare for CBSE, ICSE, SSC. Download this application and start using it. 
  1. NEET  GURU: NEET Guru is an application which covers the concept of Physics, Chemistry as well as Biology. So, it is a helpful application for those who want to become a doctor. Having more than 20,000 MCQs, NEET Guru is easy to use application.
  1. NCERT for UPSC: Preparing for UPSC Examination? Download NCERT for UPSC as this is one of the most amazing applications covering basic concepts which you need to prepare for scoring good marks in UPSC Exam. Don’t wait anymore and download NCERT for UPSC application and start preparing for it.
  1. NCERT World History: If you know about world history its good. But if you want to gain more and more knowledge related to history then, you must download NCERT World History application for this. History is something which you cannot mug up, you need to revise important things on daily basis.

Download above-listed applications and start focusing on your studies. It will help you a lot in cracking any kind of competitive examination if you concentrate on it.
Now, apart from these applications, we have some alternative ways through which you can download PDF files of NCERT Books. There are many sites you can visit for the same purpose.
You can download NCERT books PDF files for preparing for various examinations like UPSE, Civil Services Exams. I am providing a link below from where you can download the PDF Files easily.
Start preparing from these books. We wish you all the best!

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