Top 10 Free Apps to Learn Music Online: 2022

Is music your passion? Are you a music freak? Can you listen to music in any mood? The music world is full of romance, pop, rock, and much more varieties. Music lovers can listen to any song of their favorite category 100 times a day. Our mood changes when we listen to music and we feel relax too.
There are thousands of tutorials which will teach you various instruments like piano, guitar, drum and others. But what about those who want to learn music through amazing applications? For them, we have Top 10 Free Apps to Learn Music Online.

There are some people who do not love music but still loves singing. They can gain knowledge or learn any specific instrument from these applications.
Learning music is a hobby, for many people its passion, some try in Bollywood for playing instruments in songs, some teach students so there are many uses of music.
Becoming a singer is a really tough task, you need to put all your efforts and you need to stay away from oily food because your vocal chords must be clear when you sing. This is necessary if you want to become a playback singer in Bollywood.

Let us see which are the Top 10 Free Apps to Learn Music Online:

Downloading these applications will teach you a lot and you will enjoy also. Let’s look at the applications.

  1. Voice Training – Learn to Sing: Interested to learn singing? Searching for application through which you can learn singing? Download Voice Training application and learn to sing your favorite songs. It will teach you different courses like Singh the Note, Sing the phrase, Hold the pitch, Vocal agility and other. There is piano key included in this application which will inform you which note is correct or where you need to correct yourself. As the application is divided into segments, Sing the Note will teach you the singing portion whereas Vocal range includes various exercises in which you need to practice. If you really want to become a good singer, then you need to practice daily.


  1. Yousician Guitar, Piano & Bass: Do you want to learn guitar? Not finding satisfying video tutorials? Download  Yousician Guitar, Piano & Bass application, which listens to what you play, and response to you. The application is developed by Yousician Limited and it includes expert music teachers who will teach you. Various games are also there which you can play and enjoy yourself. If you will focus on the lessons, you yourself will see improvement.


  1. Music Theory Helper: Download Music Theory Helper application and learn about various music like chords, find various exercises, what are intervals, scales. Thousands of people have downloaded this application and have rated 4.4 as a review. It is a helpful application for beginners, and also for teachers who are running a music class. The application is available on Google Play Store. You can find it easily.


  1. Piano: Playing piano is an amazing feeling. You can learn various piano types like acoustic, smooth, rock and other. This application is an electric keyboard simulator, which includes virtual music instruments which you can learn. While learning, you will feel like you are playing a song on the real piano. You just need to keep on practicing on a daily basis to remember a song. If you are not comfortable you can find the key names on google, it is easily available and write it down in a book and then try to play. Talking about this particular application, it includes various piano instruments like accordion, organ, guitar, violin.


  1. Music Tutor Sight Read Lite: The MTSRL application lets you learn music by asking you different questions related to music. If you don’t know the answer you can search it on google and remember it.


  1. Learn to Sing: Want to become a playback singer? Download Learn to Sing application and start learning how to sing. There are various exercises included which you have to practice. This application will teach you where you need to correct, teaches you correct singing notes, and which is the right pitch. So you need to practice it daily with full concentration. There are 3 segments of exercises containing 46 exercises in each.


  1. Study Music – Memory Booster: If you want to relax and do something different in your life from your regular routine, then I must suggest you download Study Music application on your device. It includes some attractive features like it adds alpha waves to your music, it increases cognition, adds nature to your sounds and makes it more beautiful.


  1. Rhythm Teacher: An amazing application developed for students who want to learn music, and for those for whom music is passion. This application will teach you how to read music notes and how to create them as well. It also includes a leader board which will keep a record of how much you have learned so far. Games will make you enjoy using this application as well as teaches you music.


  1. Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Are you a new student? Want to learn guitar? Download Guitar Lessons for Beginners application and start learning guitar. You can download this application on any android device. Let us see the various songs which you can play in this application. This application will teach you:
  • Back in Black by AC/DC.
  • No woman No cry by Bob Marley.
  • Yesterday by Beatles.
  1. Perfect Piano: This piano application contains keys on each key so it will become more and more easy to learn piano. You can learn and play any song which you like. Keep on practicing and in some days you will be playing the same song on the real piano.

We wish you all the best for learning music and enjoy you. Music relaxes your mind and soul. Always listen to music and enjoy learning through these applications. Don’t forget to download the applications listed above. Have fun !.

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