Top 10 Free Apps to Learn Meditation Online: 2022

Being healthy is very much important in today’s date because people especially youth of today’s generation prefer having junk or fast food more in terms of healthy food. Apart from all these things, there are lots of tension in individual’s life like workload, study load, business load and so on.
For getting good results in exams or work you need to relax every day without taking tension or thinking negative things. Today we are going to talk about the Top 10 Free Apps to Learn Meditation Online.
Doing exercise, yoga or meditation is very helpful. You feel fresh all day. It increases your strength, metabolism and makes you relax. There are many sites from where you can find best things for your health like exercises for relaxing, weight loss, weight gain, abs and how to relax your body.
People say 30 minutes of daily walking is the best exercise we can do and many people do it also. But what about feeling relaxed? For some people only walking is not enough, they need more and find ways to relax.
Let us see a very short introduction about what meditation is.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a process in which a person meditates by sitting quietly, keeping calm and relaxing mind, body, and soul. If you will meditate daily for 5-6 minutes, you will be fresh all day and will feel relax. It is the best method to remove all the stress and tension.
Now, we are going to see the applications required to learn meditation.

Top 10 Free Apps to Learn Meditation Online.

  1. Calm: One of the best application, and listed on the top of Google Play Store, developed by, it is a very helpful application which you can download on your device for meditating. A proper guidance is given inside the application which will help you in various things such as calming anxiety, stress management, sleep deeply, increase the power of focus and concentration, keep you happy, manage anger and lot of things. It is having a 10-minutes daily program which you need to follow if you want to meditate properly. You can set the timings as per your daily schedule, but meditating in morning is the best time.


  1. Headspace meditationRemove all the stress of the whole day by downloading Headspace meditation application on your device. The application is helpful to you in such a way that you can feel relaxed, calm and happy all day. Managing anger becomes tough sometimes so people who are aggressive in nature must download this application. You will see a change in yourself and will feel good every day. If you follow the proper guidance, you will also get rewards. So it is a fun and amazing application to use.


  1. Relax Melodies: This is one of those applications which is very much beneficial for all those who are suffering from insomnia. If you are suffering from insomnia then, you must or say you have to download Relax Melodie’s application as soon as possible. How will it help you in insomnia? It includes noise and sleeps voices in 52 modes which will make you sleep and in this way it will help you to fight with insomnia.


  1. Meditate Om: It includes various amazing features like more than 20 tracks, customizable application, background audio and so on. Relax your mind, body, and soul by downloading this application. If in between there is a phone call which is important to receive then, it will pause the on-going process and track your record in a proper way so that you will not get any false information. Saying Om daily in the morning makes us relax and we feel fresh all day.


  1. Guided Meditation Free App: The application includes meditation in different phases each of 20 minutes. You can start with the first phase and it is recommended to do it daily if you want to be happy and tension free all day. You can also watch the meditation videos included in the application and if you are addicted to smoking or think negative while taking any decision, then, for you there are meditation programs like Avoid smoking meditation, Decision Making meditation, deep relaxation meditation and much more.


  1. Meditation Music: Do you know the fact that music can help you in many ways? Yes, you can meditate or relax listening to slow and soft music. Download Meditation Music application and find peace. It includes programs like melodies, relaxing sounds, you can set the timer if you want music to stop automatically, amazing background images which will make you and you’re happy.


  1. Buddhist Meditation Trainer: If you want a personal guide who will train you to relax, then, it is highly recommended to download Buddhist Meditation Trainer application for relaxation.


  1. Chakra Meditation: Doing Yoga in the morning time is one of the best meditation processes which you can do for relaxation. Chakra Meditation is one of the applications providing various meditation techniques.


  1. Mindworks Guided: An amazing application which you can download. It is an easy application to use. It includes meditation guides which you can refer for relaxing your mind, body, and soul and feel fresh all day. It also includes some thoughts, quotes or talks related to positive thinking which you can read every day.


  1. 8-minute Meditation: Meditate for 8 minutes daily and start your day with happiness, peace, and enjoy your whole day.

I hope these applications will help you for fixing a daily routine and making you live a disciplined life. Take care of your health as it is very much necessary in today’s hectic world. Keep drinking water for keeping for body hydrated. Do exercise and meditate daily. You will see improvement in your body once you start following it on daily basis.
If you start any exercise don’t stop it otherwise it will react to your body in many other ways. Stay Healthy and Eat Healthily.

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