Top 10 Free Educational Apps for ICSE Students


Are you an ICSE student? Searching for Top 10 Free Educational Apps for ICSE Students on your android device? In this article, I am going to list down the top applications which will help you in your studies so that you can crack any competitive exam you are preparing for.

Students are giving two-three exams simultaneously and search for those kinds of materials which will help them in all main subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. I hope these applications will surely help you as it covers all the main concepts not only related to PCM but other subjects too.

Cracking or scoring good in any competitive exam is quite a tough task without preparation, you need to start preparing yourself before 2-3 months of exam. Only then you will be able to score well as per you have targeted to score.

Let us see a short summary about ICSE.

ICSE stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education which conduct examinations every year in order to give admission to eligible students in the institutes they want to, based on their merit/rank or marks they score.


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The examination is divided into multiple groups, in which group 1 includes compulsory subjects like English, History, Civics. Group 2 includes maths and science and group 3 include computer applications, economics vice versa.

Through this kind of examinations, a student is eligible for getting scholarships or taking admission in the best institutes of India.

Top 10 Free Educational Apps for ICSE Students:

Let us now see which are the applications available on google play store which students can download for preparing. You must try these applications because these are top applications which have been downloaded by many students and reviews are amazing.

Downloading education related application always help. You can gain extra knowledge or learn something new. There are lots of application you can download for knowledge purpose also if you are not preparing for any kind of examination but loves reading. Gaining knowledge is never a waste. It will definitely help you at some point in your life.

1. ICSE Study Apps: Listed at top of google play store, ICSE Study Apps is one of the best application developed for ICSE Students studying in class 6th to class 12th.More than 5000 questions are available which covers all the important questions. Students will get updated with new questions and concepts every month. One of the unique thing in this application is that if you score rank in top 20, your name will appear with your photograph.

2. LearnNext: Download LearnNext application and be a part of Questions and Answer forums which will solve all your doubts related to any subject. One of the best applications covering all the major subjects and teaching in such a manner that all your fundas become perfect. Cracking toughest examination will become easy.


3. Brainnr – The Revision App: Revision is needed regularly. Download this application and keep revising whatever you have studied so far. It will improve your remembering power. Let us look at the proper steps to use brainnr application.

  • Select your subject which you want to learn.
  • Choose your topic.
  • Start your quiz to test yourself.
  • Invite your friends to compete with you.

In this way, you will study as well as feel like playing a game.

4. Board Exam Solution: Boost your grasping power by downloading Board Exam Solution application. The best education application so far. Not only ICSE students but any student can download it in order to prepare for the exam. It provides important questions with answers.

5. Extramarks Smart Study: Download Extramarks Smart Study for easy and effective learning. Serves lessons, practice test and complicated concepts which you can study. Interactive learning sessions having short games. Provide adaptive learning materials.

6. Marks ++: Developed for those students who love maths. Includes calculator for fast and quick solutions. Timer is included so that you have a time limit to finish your practice test. Important questions are there which can be asked at the time of the exam, thousands of formulas are there which you need to remember. Encyclopaedia for best results.

7. ResApp: ICSE CBSE Papers: Download question papers. By downloading question papers you will get an idea of which types of questions can be asked or what pattern question paper follows. Not only ICSE students, ResApp provides study material for CBSE/GATE/UGC/NET/IIT and many more competitive exams.

8. BYJU’S: Another application developed for mathematics lovers. Contains all the concepts of maths which you have studies in class 4th and 5th. Video tutorials are available which are taught by the best mathematicians in India. Various puzzles and quizzes are to be attended for preparing and understanding the concept more clearly. More than 1000 questions or quizzes are available for practicing. Full syllabus will be taught with continuous updates of more question which you must solve, as without practice maths cannot be done.

9. Meritnation: Downloaded by thousands of students, meritnation is the application which will help you throughout your studies by providing you practice tests, important question banks, and various such things. It provides the material from class 6th to 12th so all compulsory subjects are covered in this application.

10. BSNLECLASS: Go for digital learning and take the advantage of 2D and 3D multimedia learning process through BSNLECLASS application. It is very attractive, user-friendly and amazing application covering all the major concepts which you will remember for sure.

Install these applications on your android device and start preparing for the examinations. ALL THE BEST! Scoring good in high-level competitive exams is quite easy if you study with full concentration and clear all your major concepts of compulsory subjects.

An examination is like a game in which you have to answer the given questions. Do not take tension about what will be the result, just keep calm and give your full efforts to studies only. You will surely score good marks and get admission in whichever institute you want to.

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