Top 10 Free English Learning Apps: 2022

Weak in the English language? Looking for some best applications to improve your English?Communication is a major factor when it comes to crack any interview in some high company, so it is necessary that you are good in English. English is not at all a tough language you just need to know the meaning of every word it’s synonym, antonym. You must be aware of punctuation when and where to use it.
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Today I am going to mention Top 10 Free English Learning Apps which you can download and learn English. Some applications will teach you proper English whereas in some applications you will find exercises which you can do as a test for checking how much you have learned this far.
Whenever you are learning the English Language, remember you must keep a dictionary by your side so that whenever a tough word comes you can go through the meaning of it.
Apart from using applications, you can follow newspapers and some good novels to improve your English. Reading always help, you get to know new words.
Many websites, tutorials, and videos are available for the same purpose. You can attend webinars related to this language or watch YouTube videos for best results. Don’t forget GOOGLE. Many resources will be provided by it which will help you in different ways.
While learning English, grammar is the main thing in which people make mistakes. Learn it carefully and try to understand how to create proper sentences.
Number of applications are available for android, windows and iOS phones for learning English or any other language. But today we will focus on those applications which will teach us English.
Every person is having their own grasping power. So don’t worry if you are having problem in initial phase when you learn English language.

Top 10 Free English Learning Apps

There are thousands of applications available, but we will focus on the Top 10 Free English Learning Apps which you can download to your smartphone.
1. Duolingo: Considered as one of the applications for learning the English Language. The application will guide you all the things from basic which includes grammar, adverbs, punctuations, tough words and many more things. It will also provide you a proper structure or you can say a pattern to study, you can set your timings as per your convenience.
2. Memrise: Memrise not only teaches English language but many other languages also. You can pick up the language you want to learn from the stack it has. You don’t need to pay a single penny for using this application, its free of cost. Once you open Memrise application, you will be asked to create an account on the official website that is If you don’t have an internet connection, you can go with the offline mode for learning. Apart from English, you can learn the French and Russian language.
3. How to Speak Real English: A tool for language learning and practicing vocabulary, which will help you by converting the web content into the language which you can understand. Helps a lot in improving your vocabulary and communication skills.
4. LearnEnglish Grammar UK and US Edition: If you are looking for an application which will teach you the US and UK English then this application is highly recommended. LearnEnglish Grammar application is developed by British Council which specifically focus on improving your grammar skills. Four different levels are available which is starting from very basic level and ends at the advanced level. By reaching advanced level your grammar will become perfect if you will study well.
5. Learn English Words Free: If you will give your 10 minutes to this application on regular basis, you will easily learn new words in English. There are more than 10,000 words available in Learn English Words Free application which you can learn.
6. SpeakingPal English Tutor: Having a voice recognition technology, it is an interactive application which will help you in improving your pronunciation skills. In the free applications you will be able to learn up to 16 levels, but if you want to continue, you have to pay for further tutorials.
 7. MyWordBook: It is a vocabulary notebook application developed for learning important words with their meanings which you find through different mediums like pictures, sentences or audios.
8. Busuu: Busuu is an application which you can say it is a social network with the help of which you can learn languages. The application is available for both android and iOS platforms. The lesson which this application provides is based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages well known as (CERF).
9. Fun Easy Learn English: Developed as a vocabulary application, you will be able to learn 6,000 new words, you must find their meanings to improve your skills more. You will learn vocabulary by going through different examples, how to pronounce tough words. It is designed in such a way that kids can use this application also for learning as it contains seven attractive games. You won’t regret using this application. Its fun, attractive and provides a good education.
 10. Phrasalstein: Improves your phrasal verbs, brush up your English grammar and improves your communication skills. Contains 100 phrasal verbs which you can learn through this application. If you are weak in verbs, then this application which helps you for sure. Considered as best application for improving your verbs.
Listed above are the Top 10 Free English Learning Apps which you can use for improving your English and communication skills. Communication is the main factor for getting a good job or show your personality skills.
Not only English but learning any language will help you. For example, if you are an Indian citizen and want to settle in somewhere in France then you must learn French. Learning anything is easy if you put all your efforts in it. No one can stop you from learning and remember it does not require any age criteria.

Whether you’re aiming to learn some new marketable skills or just want to explore a topic, online learning platforms are a great solution for learning on your own schedule. You can also complete courses quickly and save money choosing virtual classes over in-person ones. In fact, individuals learn 40% faster on digital platforms compared to in-person learning.

Some online learning platforms provide certifications, while others are designed to simply grow your skills in your personal and professional life. Including Masterclass and Coursera, here are our recommendations for the best online learning platforms you can sign up for today.

The 7 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2022

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