Top 10 Apps to Prepare for Competitive Exams: 2022

Are you preparing for competitive exams? Searching for Top 10 Apps to Prepare for Competitive Exams? Competitive Exams are conducted every year in which thousands number of students apply to appear this exam after 12th standard or after engineering. There are many Competitive Exams conducted such as GUJCET, JEE, GATE and so on. These Competitive Exams are very useful to get admissions in the colleges or university. Competitive Exams are also useful to get the good and extra knowledge of your subjects.

Students who are ambitious in the life will refer book and other materials and help them there are Top 10 Apps to Prepare for Competitive Exams are available which you can install on your device and start preparing. It is best recommended to start the preparation as soon as possible because the examination which is conducted covers all the basic concept of 10th, 11th and 12th standard.

If you score well in competitive exams you can easily get government jobs, jobs in MNC companies, with sky touching packages. Through the applications which are going to be listed in the article will help you a lot in preparing for exams. You need to spend 3-4 hours every day if you are aiming to get admission in NITs or IITs. There are thousands of websites, providing education and YouTube is also there for you. Cracking cut off marks in this kind of examinations is quite tough because thousands of candidates apply for the exam. If you rank under 1000, then many gates are open for you for applying for jobs. Let us now look at the

Top 10 Apps to Prepare for Competitive Exams:

1. Math Trick for Competitive Exam: Love maths? This is one of the best application you can install if you want to prepare for maths. Math Trick for Competitive Exam includes thousands of questions on every chapter including basic concepts like Profit and Loss, Percentage and what not. If you are specifically looking applications for maths subject, then this subject is highly recommended.

2. Daily Current Affairs & GK: Poor in Daily Current Affairs & GK? Download this application and start attempting the practice questions this application includes. You will gain an amazing knowledge related to GK and current affairs. The questions related to GK and current affairs are asked in the question paper. 90% of the coverage questions are taken from the UPSC Prelims conducted every year because it covers all the major concepts. The application is available in offline mode also.

3. Testbook: Developed by Testbook education, the application provides best questions related to questions through which you can get a job in Bank PO, IBPS PO, SBI PO, IPPB PO and many more posts. You can give practice test and check your marks. You will get an idea, then where you need to improve.

4. PSC: U.PSC application is considered as one of the best application and thousands of students have downloaded it already. It provides the lesson regarding current affairs which you can do a practice of. Regular practice is needed because current affairs is a subject in which new questions are added on daily basis.

5. Daily GK and Exam Prep SSC: This application is the best for students to learn Latest GK current affairs. This application also conducts the Quiz for the students and questions of the quiz are based on the topics such as Banking, Environment, Foreign policies and International laws and so on.

6. Samanya Gyan: This application is mainly based on preparation of test in Hindi. Once you download this application on your device You are able to use the materials and give the practice test without Internet connection. In this application, you can prepare for examination related to topics that are General Science, Geography, Indian Construction, Computer and so on.

7. SSC, Bank PO and Railway Exam GK: Developed by MadGuy Education Labs. You can use this application to get help about SSC Exam, SBI Clerk Exam, UPSC Exam and other exams such as MPSC, RPSC and so on. This application contains question bank and you are able to give the test after installing it on your device.

8. Competitive Mantra: Considered as one of the best applications, competitive mantra is an application through which you can prepare for various UPSC Railway and banking related examinations. Download this application and score best results. The application contains two different modes of examination in which one is practice online test and others are related to civil service examinations. More than 100 question with solutions is there related to current affairs. Questions are asked in the form of multiple choice questions (MCQ).

9. Aptitude Test and Preparation: Download Aptitude Test and Preparation application and improve your aptitude skills. Various categories are available so you can prepare the subject you want to with the solution. Test yourself and find out where you need to improve in order to score amazing marks. From this application, you can prepare for different competitive examinations like GMAT, CAT, SAT and MAT.

10. Pocket Aptitude: Collection of various questions and answer related to different subjects are included in the Pocket Aptitude application. More than 2400 questions are available including practice test. Important formulas are there which you need to remember.

So, download these applications on your device which helps you to improve your knowledge as well as for your Competitive Examination purpose also. As I said start preparation because the examination season is going to start in just one month so you need to concentrate on your studies if you really targeting some good institute like IIT or NIT. These applications are specially developed for education purpose but if you are not comfortable with these ones then you can try out other apps available. Google play store has many applications for you which will be helpful to you.

Most of the examinations are conducted in the month of May which is not so far, we wish you ALL THE BEST!

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