How NCERT Books Aid CBSE Exam Preparation: 2022

NCERT (National Council of Education, Research and Training) has been recognized very well across the country as they produce textbooks for students mainly at the primary and secondary levels.  There have been questions rising from some corners as to whether these books are sufficient for board exam preparations. The answer for such a query would be nothing short of a resounding yes as these textbooks are comprehensive by their nature and covers all the important topics necessary to score high percentile in board exams. The reasons mentioned below would provide you with a fair idea behind the above statement:

1) Adherence to the Board Syllabus

This is one of the prime reasons why students under the board’s curriculum follow these textbooks religiously. While providing in depth insights to the students, these textbooks follow the board curriculum in every possible manner. By properly covering every topic in these textbooks, students would be able to score really well in board exams and competitive exams as well.

2) Most important practice questions are repeated in board exams

What most people have not realized is the fact that the practice questions and illustrations provided in and after each chapter of these textbooks would be asked in the board exams repeatedly. The questions would be of one word type, multiple choice ones, fill in the blanks and so on. Candidates should be aware that these questions would be edited with some facts and figures to test their understanding.

3) Majority of board exam questions come from these textbooks

Some students are skeptical about whether these standard books would be enough for their board exam preparations. The major share of board exam questions is taken from standard ones like the NCERT books. Hence students should ensure that they would cover every topic in chapters provided in these textbooks.

4) Saves time during exam preparation

As the exam approaches nearby, candidates would be under pressure as to which book they should refer during their final hours/days of preparation. The standard textbooks would come to their rescue as concepts are presented in a simple and lucid manner that would be easier to remember and understand. Thus it would help them to save their precious time.

5) Provides clear understanding on complex topics

When it comes to learning complex topics in the easiest way possible, students refer standard textbooks as they are authored by eminent educationists who are the best in their domains while covering the CBSE syllabus fully and thus explain such concepts in the best possible manner with lively examples which would help students to remember them for a long time.

6) The textbooks are authorized by the board themselves

The textbooks like NCERT are approved by the board owing to their credibility being built over the last couple of decades mainly due to the quality of content delivered by the former. The board has notified schools on not to burden students with further textbooks.

The above points would have given you a clear idea on why the board and even the students’ follow standard text books relying on reasons like the ones explained above and this is the only reason why their image has not been tarnished even in this era of information technology.

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