Top10 Free Apps to Study Chemistry Online: 2022

Remembering chemical formulas are quite a tough task. You need to practice them on regular basis for remembering it. You must be aware of what kind of questions can be asked in examinations, but there are some students who find Chemistry a really tough subject. Don’t worry pals. Today we have a list of Top 10 Free Apps to Study Chemistry Online. You can directly download these applications from google play store and start using it. Some of the applications have been developed in such a way that you can use them in offline mode also.
There are formulas, equations, chemical names which you need to remember and these applications will surely make your chemistry subject a strong one and you will start loving it for sure. The application covers all the basic concepts of chemistry starting from beginners’ level up to advanced level. Lots of practice test and questions are available which you can attempt to test yourself.
Google and YouTube are always there for you so you can gain knowledge related to chemistry subject from there also. You just need a good internet connection if you are referring video tutorials. Learn all the basic concepts and score awesome marks in Chemistry.
By doing graduation through chemistry subjects you can become a chemical engineer and get a good job at the chemical industries. Thousands of candidates apply for these kinds of jobs on a regular basis but some lucky people get the opportunity to work with their dream company.Let us see now which are the

Top 10 Free Apps to Study Chemistry Online.

1. Virtual Orbitals 3D Chemistry: If you love chemistry, you can easily remember the chemical formulas. But remembering shapes in 2D is still a tough task because it is hard to understand it. We have an application known as Virtual Orbitals 3D through which you can see the shape from different angels. You will be able to understand the diagram or shape in a more proper manner and clear all your doubts.
2. Periodic Table Quiz: Can you remember periodic table? No? Don’t worry we have an application for you named “Periodic Table Quiz” through which you can remember the periodic table easily. You need to revise daily only then you can remember the chemical names. Sometimes if we have chemical names similar to each other, we got confuse and mix each other. That is why it’s recommended to revise it on daily work. There are 29 levels which you can go through for testing yourself. You will find at each level there are 20 -25 chemical names available which you have to learn. Download this awesome application.
3. Chemistry Quiz: Test yourself where you are by downloading this amazing application which test your knowledge. It is multiple choice question in which you have to give related answers to the questions. Attempt all the questions and submit your answers. See the result and get an idea where you need to improve.
4. Periodic Table: In this application, you will find 118 elements which you need to remember. You will also get to know about the different properties of that elements like atomic, thermodynamic, electromagnetic, and nuclear properties. Download this application and learn periodic table.
5. AP Chemistry Question: Learn all the concepts of chemistry from AP Chemistry Question application. It covers all the major concepts regarding chemistry like Atomic Theory and Structure, Chemical Bonding, States of Matter, Thermodynamics, Kinetics and many more concepts. If you don’t like reading from book, you can download this application and learn.
6. Chemistry App: One of the best application for improving chemistry knowledge, Chemistry App is developed by Eguruba which includes more than 200 chemistry quiz questions which you can attempt for testing your knowledge. The quiz includes Atoms, Molecules and Ions, Element, Energy Chemistry, Acid and bases Chemistry.
7. JEE Chemistry Guide: If you are preparing for JEE then you must download this application because it covers all the major concepts of chemistry. You will get an idea of which type of questions are asked in exam once you download this application. Important topics like States of Matter, Atomic Structure, Solutions, Redox Reaction and Electrochemistry are covered in this.
8. Complete Chemistry App: All the important formulas, concept related to atomic weight, atomic radius, boiling point, melting point are covered in this. Download Complete Chemistry Application and start learning chemistry. You will surely love it.
9. Basic Chemistry: As you can get an idea from the name itself, Basic Chemistry application covers all the basic concepts related to chemistry subject. It has articles related to concept, all important formulas, chemical names and so on. Learning chemistry is easy if you do it with full concentration. You need to give 2-3 hours daily for learning chemistry.
10. Free MCAT Chemistry Prep Tool: Download this application, as it covers important topics like Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Bonding, Compounds, Chemical Kinetics, Thermochemistry, The Gas Phase. It will be easy to learn from this application. If not comfortable you can switch to Google or YouTube for clearing your doubts and understand the concept more easily.
Download the above applications and start preparing chemistry subject. It is very much easy only you need to concentrate a little bit on periodic table or chemical equations. Once you understand the concept it will become easy for you to create equations also.
You can refer many sites providing tutorials based on chemistry or other subjects, take opinion from your friends, these applications, YouTube, or from anywhere which is easy for you. Learning always help in future, you must keep learning new things as new concepts are coming in this education world on daily basis. Keep updated and try finding other applications related to chemistry. Every day a new application is coming into google play store so keep searching for it.
We wish you all the best for upcoming examinations. Learn with all your efforts and clear all doubts. All the best.!

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