Top 10 Free Apps to Study Physics Online: 2022

Are you looking for Top 10 Free Apps to Study Physics Online? Physics is a subject completing having numerical, formulas, theories on different concepts. Physics is not at all easy subject because thousands of numerical and formulas are there which you need to remember.
There are many resources like Google, YouTube, other websites, NCERT books through which you can learn physics subject. Gaining knowledge always help. If you love physics you can do courses like B.SC and M.SC in physics in different top institutes located in India or whichever city you want to. You need to put all your efforts and 4-5 hours of daily practice if you really want to be a master in physics.
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Physics is a part of Science which is taught in 11th and 12th subjects and many students find it difficult to remember it. That is why application developers have developed applications related to Physics which covers all the major concepts so that students can enjoy and learn with an ease without having any kind of tension.
You can read different articles or download pdf files or video tutorials also for clearing your concepts of physics. We are now going to look at the Top 10 Free Apps to Study Physics Online. There is some application which is available in offline mode also so need not to worry.Let us look at the

Top 10 Free Apps to Study Physics:

Downloading these applications will help you in learning physics. Many other applications are there which will help you in improving your knowledge in physics. These are some of the best applications available on Google Play Store. Let us see.
1. Complete Physics: An application developed for those students who love to learn physics and keen to know about more and more concepts of it. Complete Physics covers all the major concepts which we learn in school in easy language. So, it becomes easy for those students also who find physics a tough subject. You need to make notes regarding important points given in this to revise it on daily basis. Through the contents given in this application, you can make a proper lesson wise plan and complete the syllabus. With the course, you can easily crack the examinations like WAEC, NECO, JAMB, KCSE and many others. Topics like Kinematics, Scalar and Vector, Momentum and much more are covered in this.
2. Physics Formulas Free: One of the best application for learning formulas. Physics Formulas Free covers important formulas related to concepts like Mechanics, Electricity, Thermal Physics, Periodic Motion, Optics, Atomic Physics, Constants and others. It is recommended to not only read the formulas but to write it down when you are studying and keep revising it as much as possible. Formulas are used when you need to solve numericals, so you won’t forget it at the time of your exam.
3. Learn Physics: Learn Physics is an application developed by Paul Cotarlea Education include core concepts. There are various concepts under which many points are there. Some of the concepts are Motion in one dimension, Forces and Newton’s Law and so on. Download this application and start learning physics. It is an amazing application for learning it.
4. Pocket Physics: Pocket Physics is an application developed by Geckonization Education is very easy to use and it’s a free application. It covers all the major concepts and formulas related to physics. It is a proper guide from which you can learn daily, revise whenever you feel like you are forgetting concepts. Revise on daily basis, write down all the formulas in a notebook and keep revising it. Some of the topics which pocket physics covers like Linear Motion, Projectile Motion, Constant acceleration motion, Force, Work, energy and power, Elasticity and many more concepts.
5. Physics Notes: An amazing application covering all the major concepts of physics, like basics of physics, Law of motion, Gravitation, Collisions, Thermodynamics and much more.
 6. Class 11 Physics Notes: Are you a student of 11th standard? And looking for the best application for collecting notes related to physics? Download Class 11 Physics Notes and start studying the important concepts of Physics. The application covers some of the major chapters included in your syllabus.
 7. Physics Dictionary Smart Guide: The app includes important concepts of physics like Nanotechnology, Solar and Biophysics, High Energy Physics, different quizzes to test your knowledge, Formulas and Equations and other things. It is an interactive application so you will enjoy learning from it.
 8. Physics Formula: Are you finding difficulties while remembering the formulas given in physics subject? Don’t worry we have an application for you named “Physics Formula”. In this, all the important formulas are covered in this application. You can appear in exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, AIIMS and many more examinations. If you are good in physics, you will be able to answer all the questions easily.
 9. Free Physics Formula Sheet: Want to learn formulas? Free Physics Formula Sheet is one of the best application developed including all the main formulas which helps us in solving numericals. It will help you a lot in remembering the formula, you need to revise it o a daily basis if you want to learn it properly. The application can be used by 11th standard as well as 12th standard student. It is an interactive application. Useful for teachers also. So, download Free Physics Formula Sheet application and start using it. Very beneficial for students as well as teachers.
10. Book of Physics: Covering all the major concepts of physics, like Energy, Force, Electricity, Waves, Magnetic, Lenses, Medical, Atoms, Graph. If you want to learn any of these concepts, then Book of Physics application is highly recommended. This is an application which can be used for making notes also.
Download these applications and start preparing for physics. Focus completely and you will be master of physics in less time. Learning physics is very easy if you put all efforts in it. All the best.!

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