Solved Questions on Song of the Rain by Khalil Gibran

“Song of the Rain” by Khalil Gibran is an autobiography of the rain. Rain is personified in this poem and is described as something divine and characteristic of gods. Here we are discussing a few popular questions that you might find useful.

1. Why is the rain considered ‘divine?’
A: The rain is considered divine by the poem because it is a product of the Heavens and falls directly from it to the Earth. As Heaven is believed to be the dwelling of Gods, the rain being a  product of it is termed as ‘divine.’

2. “ When I cry, the hills laugh;
When I humble myself the flowers rejoice;
When I bow, all things are elated.”
Cry, humble and bow indicate different intensity with which the rain falls. Explain the three in context.

A: Cry refers to torrential rainfall
Humble means when the rain falls modestly and lightly
Bow refers to very light kind of rain

3. How do you think the rain quenches the thirst of the field and cures the clouds’ ailment?
A: The rain quenches the thirst of the fields when they go dry. They need rain for growth and fertility. On the other hand, the clouds are overloaded with water and this situation is like having a disease in them. However, when it rains their disease is cured and they can again float light and fresh.

4. The rain performs many functions. What are those?
The rain decorates the gardens and the valleys. It embellishes trees, flowers and fruits when it falls from the Heaven. It gives them new life and energy. It sustains growth in them. It quenches the thirsty fields when they go dry. It cures the ailment of the clouds as they are overloaded with water. It gives joy to flowers and other objects of nature like the hills, the valleys etc. Therefore, rain has a number of utilities on earth. It is life-giving and refreshing.

5. Explain the following:
a. “All can hear, but only
The sensitive can understand..”

Through these lines, Khalil Gibran conveys the idea that all can hear the pattering sound of the rain but only the sensitive and understanding minds can realize the true value of rain.

b. “ I am the sigh of the sea, the laughter of the field and tears of heaven.”
The rain is the speaker here. It means that the rain is the ‘sigh’ of the sea because it emerges from the sea. Scientifically, rain rises from the sea in the sense that evaporation takes place and clouds get formed. Therefore, this process is like a ‘sigh’ to the rain as it gets separated from its mother the sea. It sighs at its birth and separation.
‘Laughter of the field’ refers to the joy of the fields who are nourished and revitalized when rain falls on them.
‘Tears of heaven’ as in the rain falls from the heaven as tears.

6. What are the things that rain is compared to in ‘Song of the Rain.’
A: The rain is compared to a number of things in the poem, ‘Song of the Rain.’ They are: ‘dotted silver threads’; ‘pearls plucked from the crown of Ishtar-the goddess of fertility, love and war.’ The rain is again compared to a doctor, laughter, sigh and tears of heaven.

7. ‘Song of the Rain’ is an autobiography of the rain. Discuss.
A: ‘Song of the Rain’ is an autobiography of the rain. The rain is the speaker throughout the poem. It describes its journey in the “Song of the Rain.’ It describes its birth, its descending upon earth and departure; much like the cycle of birth and death of living things. The rain says that it rises from the heart of the sea and reaches the sky as clouds. The clouds are overloaded with water till it becomes unbearable. The rain helps them in floating light and fresh again. The rain falls on the flowers, fields trees and rejuvenate their souls. It gives them a fresh life. Nature looks beautiful due to rain. Its arrival is welcomed with a happy heart by everyone. The thunder announces its arrival while the rainbow signals its departure.
The rain wants to tell its readers that it is actually a messenger of love, mercy and blessing from the Heavens. The earth and its inhabitants are rejuvenated by rain which in turns sustains all kinds of life forms. It is a boon to mankind and man should not upset the ecological balance by deforestation.

Value Based Question
8. ‘Song of the Rain’ is an autobiographical poem. The narrator of the poem is the Rain itself. It is very upsetting to see that man has disturbed nature with his thoughtless actions like deforestation and rapid industrialization. He has disturbed the whole pattern of rainfall. Describe in your words how man is disturbing the ecological balance.

‘Song of the Rain’ highlights the divine nature of rain. It embraces plants and trees, refreshes the vegetation. But man, in his greed has disturbed the whole cycle of rain. He is cutting down trees to make way for industrialization. He is bereaving the hills and mountains. The underground water level is decreasing too. Summers are getting hotter and longer. Rate of rainfall has decreased. Natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunami, famines, cyclones and floods are taking place frequently. Global warming is another issue which is occurring due to excessive pollution and deforestation. Man is basically heading towards his own doom.

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