Song of the Rain Analysis by Khalil Gibran

In this post, we are going to analyse the poem Song of the Rain. Feel free to go through other segments of the poem like summary, theme, inner meaning and solved answers.

Song of the Rain Analysis by Khalil Gibran

This poem is an autobiography of the rain. Rain tells the entire story of his life. However, what makes the poem strikingly beautiful is a series of contrasts and similarities. The rain first of all contrasts himself with the hills, the flowers and the fields. He says that it is his tears that bring them happiness. The rain also contrasts his arrival with his departure. His arrival is announced by something that frightens the human mind, that is, thunder. On the other hand, human beings are warned of the fact of his departure by something that calms the human mind, that is, rainbow. He also contrasts the majority of human beings with the minority. The majority of men are insensitive, and they can only hear the rain without understanding what he brings with himself. On the other hand, the minority is composed of the emotional ones who know that rain is absolutely essential for bringing the much-needed relief from the summer sun. Against the many contrasts that make up this poem, there are only two sets of similarities found here. The rain compares its existence with human life. Human beings and rain are both born out of the elements that are said to make up the earth. Both of them must also pass away at some point of time or the other. In the second instance, the rain also compares himself to a woman who draws her strength from man only to overpower him in the end. Similarly, rain also has its source in the hot air of the atmosphere and ultimately he ends up getting rid of this warmth. These comparisons and contrasts along with the beauty of Gibran’s use of language make the poem what it is.

Poetic Devices in Song of the Rain:

Rhyme scheme: The poet does not follow any identifiable rhyme scheme in this “Song of the Rain”.

Rhetorical devices:

Metaphor: This rhetorical device is used when a covert comparison is made between two different things or ideas. In this poem, the poet uses the device of metaphor in the 1st line of the 1st stanza when the rain compares itself to threads of a silver colour. He again uses it in the 1st line of the 2nd stanza when the rain compares itself to pearls. He uses it for the last time in the 10th stanza when he compares the human spirit with a field and the human mind with heaven.

Personification: This rhetorical device is used to bestow human qualities on something that is not human. In this poem, the poet uses the device of personification in the 2nd line of the 1st stanza when he imagines Nature to a woman who is trying to make herself more beautiful. He again uses it in the 2nd line of the 2nd stanza when he endows Dawn with the capacity of childbirth by referring to “the daughter of Dawn”. He again uses it in the 3rd stanza when he gives hills and flowers the human ability to laugh and feel joy respectively. Similarly, he personifies the field, the cloud, the thunder, the rainbow, the air, the sea and heaven in subsequent stanzas.

Simile: This rhetorical device is used when an overt comparison is made between two different things. In this poem, the poet uses the device of simile in the 3rd line of the 5th stanza when the rain compares itself with human beings who are born out of dust and must die at some point of time or the other, and also uses the word “like” while making this comparison.

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