Theme, Tone and Central Idea of Song of the Rain by Khalil Gibran

In this article, we are highlighting the theme of the poem Song of the Rain– a poem written by Khalil Gibran. While the central idea of the poem reflects the primary theme, one can still capture the various other themes that the poet wanted to convey after a thorough read.

Central Idea of the Poem Song of the Rain:

Rain says he can beautify nature, and bring joy to every member of the natural world. He acts as a messenger carrying letters of love between the cloud and the field. Thunder and rainbow accompany him wherever he goes. His existence is as brief as human life. Every man can feel the rain, but only the sensitive can appreciate his presence. The sigh of the sea gives birth to the rain, the tears of the gods give the rain its form, and it exists to spread happiness in the fields.

Themes in the poem Song of the Rain: 

Contrasts: The rain contrasts himself with the hills, the flowers and the fields, since his tears bring them happiness. The rain also contrasts his arrival and his departure. His arrival is foregrounded by something that alarms the human mind, that is, thunder. On the other hand, his departure is heralded by something that soothes the human mind, that is, rainbow. He also contrasts the majority of human beings with the minority. The majority are insensitive, and they can only hear the rain without understanding what its arrival spells. On the other hand, the minority is composed of the emotional ones who know too well that rain can bring much-needed relief from the summer sun.

Similarities: As opposed to the many contrasts that make up this poem, only two sets of similarities are found here. The rain compares its existence with human life. Both human beings and rain are born of the elements that are said to make up this world. Both must pass away at some point of time or the other. The rain also compares himself to a woman who draws her strength from man only to overpower man in the end. Similarly, rain also has its source in the hot air of the atmosphere and he ends up getting rid of this warmth.

Christian metaphors: Two Christian metaphors occur in this poem. When rain says that human beings are born out of the elements, he has in mind the passage from Genesis (3:19) that says “Dust thou art, and to dust shalt thou return”, which means that man is but a mere mortal. Again when rain refers to how woman draws her strength from man, he is probably talking about the Creation Myth which says that Eve was created out of Adam’s rib.

Tone of the poem Song of the Rain:

The tone of this poem is predominantly serene and peaceful. As the rain explains its life cycle, he makes us thankful for his presence in nature for he beautifies nature and makes the heat of summer bearable.


“Song of the Rain” is very typical of Gibran’s style. Instead of speaking in his own persona, Gibran chooses to speak in the voice of rain. He also uses the poem to reveal a larger philosophy – that we must always give back. Rain is born of the elements of the earth and gives back to the fields and flowers that make up this earth.

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