Solved Questions and Answers for “The Bond of Love”: 2022

Solved Short Questions and Answers for “The Bond of Love”

1. How did the narrator find Bruno?

When the narrator was passing through the sugarcane fields near Mysore, people, over there, where shooting and driving away the wild pigs from the fields. Suddenly, they saw a black sloth bear emerging out from the field. One of his companions instantly shot the sloth bear without noticing that a baby bear had been riding on its mother’s back she got shot. So, the narrator ran up to it to capture it. Once he could grab it, he put it in a gunny-bag and presented to his wife.

2. Why was Bruno sent away?

In time Bruno grew up and he had equaled the Alsatians in height and had even outgrown them. He was still playful and sweet but he had to be kept chained most of the time because of the tenant’s children. He was actually getting too big to keep at home. So, everyone advised the narrator’s wife to send Baba to the zoo. Initially, she was not in favor of this but after some weeks, she agreed.

3. Why was Bruno’s name changed to Baba?

The narrator’s wife loved Bruno a lot and Bruno loved her too. They were very fond of each other. Baba is a Hindustani word indicating a ‘small boy’. She changed his name from Bruno to Baba as she loved her like a little child. He could even respond to commands like a child and perform various tricks.

4. How was Baba trained?

Baba responded to commands pretty well. At the command, ‘Baba, wrestle’, or ‘Baba, box’, he tackled anyone who came near him for a tumble. When someone gave him a stick and said ‘Baba, hold gun’, he pointed the stick at people. When someone asked him ‘Baba, where’s baby?’, he produced and cradled a stump of wood which he had carefully concealed in his straw bed. He ate everything, from porridge to vegetable, buts, curry, rice, eggs, chocolates and ice cream and more.

5. What was the narrator’s wife’s condition after Baba was given to the zoo?

The narrator’s wife was in a grief-stricken state. She was distressed and heartbroken after Baba was sent to the zoo. She wept and fretted for Baba. She couldn’t eat anything for the first few days. She wrote a number of letters to the zoo curator enquiring about Baba’s health. When some of her friends were visiting Mysore, she even begged them to go to the zoo and see how Baba was doing. She got to know that Baba looked very sad and worried. The narrator managed to restrain her from visiting the zoo for about three months. But then she was out of control and she made it a point that if he doesn’t take her to the zoo then she would go alone.

6. How did the superintendent help in reuniting Baba and the narrator’s wife?

The narrator’s wife was keen on having Baba back home. She came back to Bangalore to meet the superintendent of the zoo who could give Baba back to her and pleaded with him to reunite them. The superintendent was a kind and helpful man and finally, he consented. He also wrote a letter to the curator of the zoo asking him to lend them a cage to transport Baba back to Bangalore from Mysore.

Solved Long Questions and Answers for “The Bond of Love”

1. On two occasions Bruno ate/drank something that he shouldn’t have. What happened to him on these occasions?

One day the narrator put down poison(barium carbonate) in the library to kill the rats and mice. Since Bruno was not chained, he could move freely. So, he entered the library and ate some of the poison. He was then paralyzed to such an extent that he couldn’t even stand on his own feet. The narrator had to rush to the vet’s residence with Bruno in order to release him from the painful condition. Bruno was struggling to move but his condition was deteriorating rapidly. He was vomiting and was breathing heavily.

Bruno was injected with 10 c.c. of the antidote. His condition was unchanged even after ten minutes. Another 10 c.c. was injected and ten minutes later, his breathing became less noisy. Bruno could move his arms and his legs but he couldn’t stand yet. Finally, after thirty minutes, he could get up and behave normally.

On another occasion, he drank nearly one gallon of old engine oil. However, thankfully, it had no ill effects and Bruno didn’t have to suffer this time.

2. What happened when the narrator’s wife visited the zoo?

Baba and the narrator’s wife were apart from each other for about three months and they both longed to be with each other. Everyone thought that the bear would not recognize her after so many months of separation. But while she was yet some yards away from the cage, Baba saw her and howled with happiness. She instantly ran up to him and petted him through the bars. Baba was so happy to see her that he stood on his head in delight. The narrator’s wife did not leave the cage for the next three hours. She sat near him and fed him tea, lemonade, cakes, ice-cream and a lot more. Finally, when the ‘closing time’ came, both of them started crying. Seeing this, the keepers and the curator felt bad. The narrator’s wife pleaded the curator to allow her to take Baba back with her.

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