The Road Not Taken Analysis by Robert Frost- Summary and Meaning

This article provides a complete summary of the wonderful poem ‘the road not taken by Robert Frost. ‘The Road Not Taken’ is a beautiful piece of poetry which has the power to take an imaginative mind at a fork in a forest on a young autumn morning.

The Road not taken by Frost summary is the understanding of what went through the mind of the poet when he was standing at a point in his life when a choice needed to be made. This Road not taken analysis will try to shed light upon a deeper meaning which this poem encapsulates in its twenty lines.

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Theme of the Poem the Road Not Taken:

The poet while traveling on foot in the woods reaches a junction where two roads diverge and he has to choose one among them with a lot of regret as he would have loved to explore both of the forest paths lying in front of him. Upon the first glance one of them looks less worn and hence less traveled by but the poet corrects himself in the course of the poem by stating that both the forest pathways were actually equally traveled. However, the poet spares himself further dilemma and sticks to his first choice of road and hopes beyond hope to be able to travel the other one sometime but deep inside his heart he knows that one road will lead to another and he will never be able to reach the same fork again. The poet allows himself to doubt his choice and at the same time prepares himself to face all outcomes that this decision might lead to. He marvels that maybe some years into the future he will speak about that day at the fork and the choice of road he made but he will modify the truth a little by saying that the road he took was indeed the one less traveled by.

Critical Analysis of The Road Not Taken

This summary of the road not taken will be incomplete without discussing the metaphorical aspect of the poem. In this Road not taken analysis we will view this poem symbolizing all those times in life when we have to choose between two possibilities which appeal to us equally. For every such possibility that we explore there is another one left behind which we hope to explore some other time but the sands of time run and we can never get back to that same point in life again. We think in the pensive hours of future how different our life could have turned out had we taken decisions differently but the fact remains that we took the path which “wanted wearing”; meaning the path which called out to us to walk on them at that point of time. In the future if it makes us feel any better we may view that decision of ours as something not many people may have taken at that time and a pinch of comforting bravery to it. This Road not taken interpretation is to explain the brevity of life-changing decisions in life. It does not matter how much a road has been traveled. What matters is which one you take and how you view the decision years down the line. This Road not taken meaning and explanation stresses upon the fact that life will leave you at junctions where there will be possibilities to choose from and you will have to pay the price for the one that you decide to stick with.


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