We are Willing to Publish your Poem Analysis at Beamingnotes

Beamingnotes is growing as a community and sometimes we just can enough thank you for all the support and love.. Today, we decided to accept the ‘poem analysis and summaries’ written by our audience. In fact, a lot of our audience/visitors are teachers and professors at leading schools and colleges and we welcome them to share their piece of knowledge and information with the literature community. If you’ve analysed works of popular poets/authors and novelists and wish them to be read by thousands of people all over the globe, Beamingnotes.com is the right place to share your notes and essays. While you share you essays, please take a note of the following

  1. Your writings should be in English and your own creative works. All submitted essays, poem analysis etc will be checked for plagiarism and we won’t be able to publish the write-up should we believe the content is plagiarized.
  2. By submitting your work you allow our editors to make small corrections/edits.
  3. Although we will try our best to publish your writings but sometimes we might have to reject it because of a number of factors which include quality, writing style, repetition of topics and more.
  4. The submitted work should have a minimum of 1000 words of text.
  5. You may share upto 10 write-ups

We should be able to publish you work within 1-2 business days. Please send your write-up after proper proof-reading at [email protected] along with

  1. Your full name
  2. A 1-2 line bio about you
  3. A proper face pic
  4. Your regular email id which you use
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If your work is out-standing and you’re willing to contribute regularly, we might be able to compensate a little for your efforts and love for the community.

Please feel free to mail in the above email  id if you have more questions.