Going Places Class 12 CBSE Question and Answer: 2022

Going Places Solved Question and Answer

Short Questions and Answers

  1. Why did Sophie say after returning from the school that Jansie ‘looked doubtful’?

On their way to return from school, Sophie and Jansie considered the option of opening up a boutique. But Jansie looked doubtful because she knew it would take lot of money to materialise.

  1. If Sophie ‘even came into money’ Jansie wished for something realistic for both of them. What was it?

If Sophie ever comes into money, she will open up a boutique which is the pinnacle dream of Jansie.

  1. The evening blacked the window or Sophie’s mood too. Explain.

Sophie is a dreamer and hero-worshipper who carried her fantasies too far. She developed an instant liking for Danny who was a wonderful football player from Ireland who plied his trade for United. She indulged in wishful thinking and dreams of meeting him. Her imagined meeting gave her immense pleasure. But the pangs of not meeting him made her sad and despondent.

  1. Sophie’s dream and disappointments are all in her mind. Discuss

Sophie dwells in her realms of dream and fascination. Sometimes she wants to open a big boutique on her own; sometimes she wants to shot to fame as an actress. She develops a romantic longing for Irish prodigy Danny who played football for United. Her imagination to meet her dream boy excited her one moment and in the next moment the harsh reality of his not coming struck her badly. Thus her dreams and disappointments are products of her fertile imagination.

  1. Which was the only occasion when she got to see Danny in person?

Only time Sophie saw Casey playing for United moving past the defenders without making a sound and kicking the ball into net.

  1. Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey?

No, she did not meet Danny Casey. She imagined him in her own world of fantasy that was cut off from the harsh reality of life. In her imagination, she made up stories and lived them.

  1. Why was Sophie jealous of Geoff’s silence?

Geoff was an apprentice mechanic and had to travel to work to the far end of the city. Sophie always thought that when he wasn’t talking, he was thinking of the places that he has seen, about which Sophie had no idea. She developed a special fascination about her brother’s thoughts only because they were unknown to her. She wanted to explore different places with him.

  1. “I will have to live with this burden.” Why does Sophie say this?

Sophie escaped the harsh reality of life by living in a world of fantasy. She dreamt of meeting Danny Casey and waited for his arrival. Nobody believed her story about her encounter with Casey and she had hoped that this meeting will shut them up forever. But as soon as Sophie accepted the fact that Danny wasn’t coming to meet her, she became despondent. She felt that now she will never be able to show the people that they were wrong to doubt her. She was embarrassed to face them.

  1. Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her encounter with Danny Casey?

Sophie had trusted Geoff to keep it a secret between both of them that she had met Danny Casey. To her disappointment, she finds out that Geoff had already told Jansie’s brother, Frank, about their meeting. She felt that telling Jansie about it meant the whole neighbourhood finding about it as she did not trust Jansie with her secret. She felt that Jansie was just being nosey in her personal affairs.

  1. How were Sophie’s ambitions divorced from reality?

Sophie belonged to a middle-class socio-economic background and wished to live a sophisticated and glamorous life. She was a teenager who had high hopes of owning her own boutique. She even expressed her desire of becoming an actress or a fashion designer. She dreamt of what she wanted to be but she didn’t have a plan. Jansie insists her to be a little more practical by saying that when she has enough money, she should use it to buy a decent house to live in.

Going Places Solved Long Questions and Answers 

  1. Describe Sophie’s Fascination for ‘the places and the vast world’.

Being a young school girl, Sophie loves to dwell in her realm of dreams. Most of her dreams are beyond her reach. Her ambitions have no relation with the harsh realities of life. She thinks of having a boutique. She wants to have the most amazing shop this city has ever seen. Then she entertains the idea of being an actress as there was real money in it. If need be, she can be a fashion designer. She does not realise that her family is not rich enough and her dreams cannot be fulfilled.
Sophie develops a romantic fascination for Danny Casey. He is a young Irish football player and the hero of her dreams. She indulges in hero worship. She tells a story that she met Cassey. Her father calls it another of her ‘wild stories’. Even Geoffdoes not believe her. He tries to caution her as Casey is a celebrity and have a great female fan following.
But Sophie is an incurable dreamer. She has seen Casey only once, but all the time she thinks of him. She sits alone and waits for his arrival. She becomes sad and despondent when Casey does not come. She suffers because of her dreams. These dreams and disappointments are all creations of her mind.

  1. Describe how Sophie and Jansie were different from each other.

Sophie and Jansie, being two teenagers of the age same age, were completely different in their personalities. Sophie was a hopeless romantic who took refuge from the harsh monotony of everyday life by creating her own world full of fantasies. Reality did not concern her. She had dreams that were unrealistic for a teenager belonging to a middle-class socio-economic background. Sophie dreamt of having her own boutique but she did not think about the money needed to do something as big as owning a boutique. She then expresses her desire to earn as much as she can as a manager. She had sophisticated dreams and wished to lead a glamorous life contrasted to her present gloomy middle-class life. She dreamt of becoming an actress or a fashion designer. Sophie lives in her fantasy to meeting the Irish prodigy, Danny, Casey, and believes that she is likely to meet him again. On the other hand, Jansie was realistic and practical. She did not have fancy dreams that were unrealistic for girls belonging to that kind of social background. She knew that both of them were meant to work at the biscuit factory. Jansie is logical as she repeatedly ridicules Sophie for having such an impractical dream. She points out the practical necessities for owning a boutique. She knows that money doesn’t come easily to people. She is more mature than Sophie.

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