Solved Short Question and Answer for “Should Wizard Hit Mommy?: 2022

1. What was Roger Skunk’s problem?

Because of Roger Skunk’s foul smell, none of the other little creatures played with him. He used to face a lot of humiliations from other tiny animals. They used to call him “Roger Stinky Skunk” and they ran away from him. Roger was left alone every time.

2. How did the wizard manage to help the Skunk?

The wizard took out his magic wand and asked Roger Skunk what he wanted to smell like. When Roger said that he wanted to smell like roses, the wizard chanted some magic words and fulfilled Roger Skunk’s wish. He was happy that all the other little animals played with him, now that he did not smell bad.

3. What had upset Jo about the Skunk’s story?

While Roger Skunk was very happy about his own transformation, his mother felt that her baby should smell like a little Skunk and not like roses. So, she took Roger Skunk back to the wizard and hit the wizard over his head with an umbrella. She told him to make Roger Skunk smell bad again. Jo was worried that now that Roger Skunk smells bad again, no animal would play with him. She wanted the wizard to hit mommy back and refuse to change Roger Skunk.

4. How did Roger Skunk find the extra pennies?

The wizard asked Roger Skunk to go to the end of the lane and turn around three times and look down the magic well and there he would find three pennies. Roger followed the instructions, collected the money and handed it over to the wizard as the price for fulfilling his wish.

5. Why was Roger Skunk’s mommy not happy with the change?

Roger Skunk was eager to change his foul smell into a pleasant one. So, he went to the wizard and asked him to make him smell like roses. This change made his acceptable to his friends but his mommy felt that he smelt awful. According to her, a skunk should smell like a skunk and not like roses. Also, she loved him for what he was and did not want him to change even a bit.

6. Why does Jack insist that the end of the story was justified?

Jo felt bad for the skunk for not having any friends and wanted him to smell like roses as only then other animals would play with him. She did not want the skunk to be humiliated and rejected for his foul smell. But Jack wanted to tell Jo “something true, something she must know”. He was adding autobiographical details to the story and wished to teach Jo to accept herself as she is. He had been taught by his mother to be comfortable in his own skin and that is exactly what he wished to pass on to his daughter. He refused to change the end of the story as he insisted that the skunk’s mommy loved him more than all the other animals and accepted him for what he was.

7. What similarity did Jack find with the skunk?

Roger Skunk was humiliated by all other animals because he smelled really bad. None of the little creatures would play with him and he was boycotted by his peers. Roger Skunk used to cry as he felt lonely and embarrassed. Jack had faced similar kind of situations in his childhood. He also defended Roger’s Skunk’s mother as if he was defending his own mother.

8. What story did Jo want to hear the next day?

Jo wanted to hear the same story with a different end where the wizard hit the mommy back with his magic wand. She wanted a happy ending in which Roger Skunk would get to play with his friends.

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