Deep Water Summary, Solved Questions and Answers CBSE 12

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Last updated on August 24th, 2020 at 07:59 pm

Here we discuss about the short story ‘Deep Water’ written by William Douglas, Flamingo, CBSE class 12 textbook. Go through Deep Water summary and solved questions.

Short Answers:

1. Which factors led Douglas to re-use the YMCA Pool?

Much to the relief of Douglas, Y.M.C.A. pool was safe. It was only two to three feet deep at the shallow end n it was nine feet deep at the other. Moreover, the drop was gradual. The Yakima River was treacherous and had drowned so many. So he decided in favour of YMCA pool.

2. “I had an aversion to the water when I was in it,” says Douglas. When did he start having this aversion and why?

The aversion started when Douglas was three or four year old. His father took him to the beach in California. While standing together in the surf, he had held his father tightly. Suddenly waves knocked him down n swept over him. He was buried in water. His breath was gone n he was frightened to death. The rising waves sent a tremor down on his spine.

3. “In the midst of the terror came a touch of reason.” How did the two farces work in opposite direction and how did Douglas face them?

While he was engulfed by fear, a sudden thought sprang up to him. He jumped when hit the bottom as he felt the tiles under him, with all his might. But the jump made no difference as a mass of yellow water held him back.

4.  “This handicap stayed with me as the years rolled by.” How did it affect his pursuit of swimming?

The infantile fear of water hounded Douglas everywhere. He rowed in canoes on Maine lakes for fishing. He went for bass fishing in New Hampshire, trout fishing on the Deschutes and Metolius in Oregon, fishing for salmon on the Columbia, at Bumping Lake in the Cascades. Fear ruined his fishing trips. It deprived him of the joy of canoeing, boating n swimming.

Solved Long Questions and Answers for Deep Water

1. Explain “All we have to fear is fear itself.”  How did Douglas conquer the old terror?

When Douglas grew up, he took the help of an instructor to take a lesson of swimming. His training session went on from October to April. For three months he was taken across the pool with the help of a rope. As he went under, terror filled him and his legs were frozen. The trainer taught him to exhale under the water n inhale through raised nose. He made him kick his legs to make them relax. This is how he learnt basics of swimming. Now his newly-found confidence took him farther. He dared to venture through the vast pool of water across lake Wentworth and the whole length to the shore and back of Warm Lake. To combat inner demons, Douglas learns to face them off instead of running away. Thus he exorcises his childhood fear and starts to lead an anxiety-ridden life.

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