Lost Spring Summary, Solved Question and Answers CBSE 12

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Last updated on August 24th, 2020 at 07:53 pm

Here we discuss about the short story ‘Lost Spring’ written by Anees Jung, Flamingo, CBSE class 12 textbook. Go through Lost Spring summary and solved questions.

Short Questions:

1. “But promises like mine abound in every corner of his bleak world.” What promise does the author recall? In what context was it made?

The inquisitive author asked Saheb going to school. Saheb was quick to point out that was no school available in his near vicinity. He promised to go to school as soon as they would make one. In a humorous way, the writer asked Saheb if he would go to school if she made one. Smiling Saheb gave a big nod to this proposal. After a few days, he queried the author about the latest development of her school project which put her into shame. She made a promise which was never meant to be realised.

2. How does the author focus on the ‘perpetual state of poverty’ of the children not wearing footwear?

The author, much to her surprise, observes that most of the impoverished children busy in rag picking are not wearing footwear. Though some people claim that it is not part of their tradition to wear shoes, the writer could understand that abject poverty is the sole reason behind this drudgery.

3. For children, garbage has a meaning different from what it means to their parents.” Explain

Small children scrounge heaps of garbage as they expect to find some coins,note or valuable thing in it. Sometimes they lay their hands on a rupee or even a ten rupee note. This sudden discovery eggs them on to find more. For children born into poverty, garbage is a storehouse of wonder. Their elders though, bereft of any illusions, consider this as another means to make both ends meet.

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4. What do you think is the theme of ‘Lost Spring’?

The theme of the discussed chapter is abject poverty into which some unfortunate souls grow up. Deprived of all basic amenities of life, this set of unfortunate children is introduced to the rough side of life at a tender age. The callousness of society, the oppression of political parties, the negligence of upper class make their lives more untenable.

Long Answers:

1. Comment on the hardships of the bangle makers of Firozabad with special emphasis on the forces that conspire against them and obstruct their progress.

Firozabad, the centre of India’s glass-blowing industry, is famous for its bangles. But the bangle makers lead a miserable life there. They know no other work than bangle-making. They have neither courage nor money to start another trade or job. They have spent generations in the jaws of money lenders and middle men. Extreme poverty forces them to stay hungry throughout the day. The elderly woman who works with Savita has not enjoyed even one full meal in her entire lifetime. Her husband made a house for the family to live in which was quite an achievement. Mukhesh’s father fails to send his children to school. Like elder members of the family, younger ones too are thrown into the business which took a toll on their mind as well as body.

2. Why should child labour be eliminated? How must it be eliminated?

Child labour is a terrible curse that has been gnawing our society since time immemorial. Born into abject poverty, many of them join the profession of domestic help. The hazardous industries of glass bangles, bidi, crackers recruit children in great numbers and squash whatever little dream they ever have. Childhood is stolen and they are forced to grow up quickly. Under-nourished, unfed, uneducated children never enjoy the bliss of spring.

Child labour can be eliminated only if government agencies, NGOS and political parties form a common platform to eradicate this curse from the society. Only introduction of new laws preventing child labour will not solve the problem as equal emphasis must be given to enforce the law. Those who relinquish their jobs need proper rehabilitation, education and shelter so that they can swim back to the main stream of society.

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