Study and Part-Time Job: How to Combine Incompatible?: 2022

Today, it is difficult for a student to live only on a scholarship, therefore, starting from the 2-3rd year of college study, many students start looking for a job. Is this a way out or nonsense? Is additional money worth sleepless nights and risks to fail when passing papers? The need to earn a living increases the demand for custom writing help. If you’re looking for the cheap essay writing service, try these guys and get rid of at least part of commitments. So, let’s discuss one of the most actual problems almost every student faces sooner or later: “To work, or not to work, that is the question”.

Why Does a Student Need Money?

Nobody would disagree with the statement that only a well-educated person with a degree can find a good job in today’s competitive market. Does this mean you need to study all the time and put up with the position of a “poor student”? Freshmen find it difficult to combine study and work without problems. During this period, students are very busy, they adapt to student life, which is fundamentally different from studying at school. There are many cases when students lose their place at the college due to poor progress, therefore, in order to earn your “credibility”. You need not miss your studies and not even allow the opportunity not to attend classes.

But sophomores, having carefully studied the schedule, can look for a steady income. Additional work will not only allow you to pay off old debts and will make it possible not to fit into new ones but also help you to feel financially independent of your parents and the state. In order not to save on food, housing, fashionable clothes, entertainment and other pleasures of life, you can find a part-time job. Tuition fees can suddenly fly up, and neither your parents nor you will be prepared for this. So, the extra money will come in handy.

What Job Will Be the Perfect One for a Student?

Sometimes, students look for a job to gain practical skills in their specialty. Ideally, if your new workplace requires the knowledge you’re gaining at the university. But if you were hired at the specialty that is completely different from the one that you can do after graduation, the experience gained will still come in handy. Indeed, for successful activity in any field, discipline, organization, the ability to work in a team are needed, and, as you know, these skills are not taught at universities.

What Problems Will You Face?

If you decide to study and work in parallel, you’re recommended to arrange a selective attendance of classes with each teacher individually. Naturally, the world does not revolve around student problems, so not all teachers will be glad that you found a part-time job. Of course, many will try to understand your financial problems, welcoming your desire to gain financial independence, and practical skills. Others, sincerely convinced that the student should only study, will be categorically against your employment.

Most often, teachers will not impede the free schedule of visits if:

  • knowledge and academic performance of the student are not in doubt;
  • student looking for work is an undergraduate.

To officially combine work with the process of acquiring knowledge, you can arrange a free attendance at classes. To do this, you need to very clearly and reasonably explain in the dean’s office why you need a free schedule.

Then you should discuss the current situation with each teacher. After all, no one needs problems in the test or exam, and you don’t have to wait for understanding and concessions from teachers who disagree with your decision. So, if you decide to find a job without leaving your studies, then, first of all, it is worth evaluating your opportunities. It isn’t always possible to kill two birds with one stone. Often, the combination of work and studies does not lead to anything good and you will have to say “bye” to something.

Ways to Combine Study and Work

A student who has finally decided to receive additional income must take into account some nuances. To pass exams without problems, you need to find a job that can meet the following requirements:

  • It provides a free working schedule with a weekend;
  • It is paid without delays;
  • It is situated not far from your educational establishment.

Distance is a relative thing, but still,l you need to try to choose a job so that it can be reached by public transport or that the road by bicycle does not take the last effort (after all, you still need to work or study after the trip).

It is very important that your boss is loyal to the student’s work and understands the situation. In the case when the boss is a tyrant, requiring the presence of an employee at the workplace “from call to call”, this option of employment isn’t the best option for a student. From your side, you need to prioritize both the work responsibilities – the most important work that will bring the greatest results, and the homework assignments – the most significant work, without which it is impossible to complete the course. Then, combine the priority lists and determine the time required to complete each work.

Several Job Options that May Suit Students

If you are not sure that the ideal work really exists, you can consider several other options:

  • Promoter. Its advantages are good income, employment a few hours a week, hourly payment. This work does not require any special mental or great physical effort, helps to find new friends and teaches communication.
  • Courier. It’s a very responsible job, requiring good health and excellent physical fitness, although it does not require communication skills and does not take a lot of time.
  • The author of articles. Work at home provides the opportunity to adjust your work schedule to the study mode and at the same time brings a good income. The only thing is that you need to have great writing skills and constant access to the Internet.

These are just a few of the most common student employment options. If you wish, you can always find opportunities to combine study and work without sacrificing your wants and needs.

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