Why Is Microsoft 70-480 Certification Exam So Popular?: 2022

Microsoft is a giant in the world of web development, and the standards that it sets are usually high. The 70-480 exam is one of the many tests that Microsoft offers in order to provide the IT certifications in various fields, and the popularity of this exam has increased drastically over a short period of time. In this article, we will discuss what this test is, why it has become popular, and whether it is worthwhile to sit for this exam.

Microsoft Standards

When Microsoft said that HTML5 would be the language that it is using for web development, the requirement for many jobs changed. Across the globe, almost every company uses the Microsoft’s software, which makes it necessary for any person looking for a job in web development to be skilled in the language that is popular in the market. Passing the 70-480 exam means that you get the MCSA: Web Applications certification, which looks good in your CV and shows that you are competent in web development because to get this credential, you need to pass the test and also have prior experience in the field Click to Download Free.

Job Requirements

As we have already mentioned above, passing the 70-480 certification exam and getting the Microsoft certification looks very good on your CV, you also need to realize that for some jobs, you may be required to take this test. Otherwise, you may not be qualified for a job position. When the employers look for the employees, they want to know if they have the basic skills to work in modern conditions and can keep up with the standards being sued in their company. As the Microsoft 70-480 exam checks the skills being used temporarily, it is a requirement set by many employers that their future employees take and pass this test.

Back to Basics

Microsoft 70-480 is a true test of your skills in HTML5 and CSS3. One of the best things about it is because this exam requires you to go back to basics and answer questions without making use of any tools that you normally might use. It has been reported that there are questions about manipulating DOM and making AJAX requests, which are tasks when people normally use jQuery to perform. Hardly anyone uses pure JavaScript to do them. However, the 70-480 certification exam covers the web path, as well as the Windows store app development path, which is why the questions are generic and cannot be answered using libraries such as jQuery. You can learn a lot about this part of web development by preparing for and taking Microsoft 70-480, and one of the reasons why it is so popular is because it is a good evaluation of the abilities for web developers.

Job Requirements

In order to understand why the 70-480 test is so popular, it is necessary to look at what is tested in this exam. HTML5 is a markup language that is used for structuring and presenting content on the Web. According to a particular report, HTML5 is used by approximately 66.3 percent of all websites these days. On the other hand, JavaScript is a high-level dynamic and object-based programming language. Cascading Style Sheets 3, more commonly known as CSS3, is a style sheet language that is used to depict a markup language document. When all of these languages are combined, they result in the innovative, creative, and rich websites, which have great designing. In order to take the Microsoft 70-480 exam and get the subsequent certification, you will be required to work with these languages and even have some experience with them. Therefore, one of the many reasons why this test is so popular and respected is because passing it is a proof that you have the skills and experience needed to work with the leading languages in the word of web development.

Learning New Things

The Microsoft 70-480 exam is one of the most respected and prestigious tests in the web development world. When you prepare for this certification exam, you will need to revise some basic topics and practice all the skills that you should have as a developer. The reason why this Microsoft test and associated certificate is so popular is because they both have academic and professional value.

It has academic value as this test is normally considered to be a difficult one, and passing it shows how well acquainted you are with certain aspects of web development. It has professional value because taking this certification exam means you know how to use the software needed in web development today and are well-prepared to work in contemporary conditions. Combine different study tools, including practice tests from Examsnap, Microsoft courses, and official books.

There are many IT tests, and a lot of them are offered by Microsoft, which is why it may be difficult to decide which exam has a true value for your future. While we do not speak about the other tests, based on our research and the opinion of those who have taken Microsoft 70-480, we can assure you that most people regard this certification exam as useful and helpful in enhancing their career. Besides, the Prepaway MCSA: Web Application credential is a sign of the professional’s knowledge and credibility. To be certified by Microsoft is always prestigious because it is not easy to achieve a certificate from this vendor.


We hope that this article helped you understand the true importance of the 70-480 exam and why taking this test can be helpful for you. This exam checks some necessary skills that are required in the field of web development these days, and passing it can enhance your career as it is a proof of your academic and professional skills.

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