Reasons Why Sri Lanka Should be on Your Travel Bucket List: 2022

Sri Lanka has always been considered as one of the finest islands in the whole world. It is one of the most beautiful places which have attracted a large number of visitors every year. It is a place which is not so large in area still it is a very dear choice for so many travelers of the world. When we think about an ideal tourist place, what are the things that come to our mind? Is it modern buildings? Or ancient sculptures? Isn’t it the adventures in the cities? Or the wildlife, we have never ever seen before. Well, no matter what choice you make, Sri Lanka is that place which can offer you all of them in the very little area it covers. It has beautiful beaches with lots of underwater adventures. The cities have some ancient history and epic stories along with the some very rare wild life species. Sri Lanka is considered to be a paradise on earth with some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can plan your itinerary with some of good online website which can offer you best travel package to Sri Lanka, you can also explore Yatra Offers for holiday package which is available at discounted rates. So, let’s go through some very famous and must visit places on the land of Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

This is a mind blowing art of architecture that is built atop a rock. It is also known as Lion’s rock and it has got this name because of the large lion paw that is constructed at the entrance of the fortress. There is again an interesting story behind it. After killing King Dhatusena, King Kashyapa who was his illegitimate son was afraid that one day the true owner of the throne will come and snatch it from him. So he constructed the fortress at the top.

Kandy and the Temple of the Tooth

Kandy is the second largest city of the island and it was also the last capital of the kingdom. This city lies between the green hills which makes it even more beautiful. Apart from beauty, this city also has the most sacred Buddhist temple, Temple of the Tooth. During the months of July and August, it hosts a festival called Festival of the Tooth which is a must watch event if you are there at that time.

Adam’s Peak

It is a much known pilgrimage site for so many years. Buddhist consider it to be Lord Buddha’s footprints whereas for Christians, it is Adam’s first print after he left Garden of Eden and for Hindus, it is Lord Shiva’s foot prints. This is one of the finest place for you to go on a trek. You must start the trek at night and reach just before the dawn. The sunrise you will see here will be something you will always cherish in your life. The hill is not too high and a perfect place to have some adventure.

Yala National Park

Sri Lanka has a wide variety of wide life and it is considered to be a paradise for animal lovers. This is one of the most famous National Parks that has the highest concentration of leopards. It also offers view of other wild and non-wild animals as well. The climate of this island makes it the finest place for so many species.

Arugam Bay

Those who love water, obviously loves to surf and this place is considered to be the finest place to go for surfing. The waves are great. The climate is extremely pleasant throughout the year where you can enjoy the sports of the oceans along with some very delicious food of the bay.

Galle and his Dutch Fort

This is a city that you can’t miss if you visit Sri Lanka ever in your life. The beauty it offers is just so pretty to be explained into words. This city must be explored in foot and you will surely complement each and everything about it. This city has large number of villas that will catch your eyes. This city also has Dutch Fort which was built by Portuguese in 17th century. It has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it really deserve it. You can also make your travel planning with such a beautiful places, can book hotel, taxi and flights from your destination with available Goibibo Coupons today.

Nuwara Eliya

This place has a cooler temperature than other villages of the Country. It is also regarded as the England of Sri Lanka. This village has the tallest mountain of the country and it is also a great site of tea plantation in Sri Lanka. Once you are there, don’t forget to have a cup of tea. Moreover, you must take a train ride when you are there in the village. It is considered to be the best train route of the world.

What else can you expect for an ideal vacation spot. A place with water, food history, spirituality, wildlife and natural beauties. This island is an absolute paradise and you must visit it. These 7 places of the island are enough to bring you on the land of this paradise. Go have fun out there.

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