Bangle Sellers Poem Summary by Sarojini Naidu

Bangle sellers take their load of bangles to the temple fair to sell them. The bangles are termed as “lustrous tokens of radiant lives” which mean that they are symbols of love in people’s lives. The bangles are made for happy daughters and wives. The poet says that some of the bangles are made for the unmarried women and they are of silver and blue in colour. The other bangles made for the bride glows like the fields of corn during morning. Those bangles glow like the bride’s marriage flame and rich in her heart’s desires. The bangles are tinkling with ‘luminous’ colours like the bride’s laughter or tears. Some bangles are made for the elderly women who have journeyed through half of their life. These bangles are of purpled in colour with gold fleckers. These women have served their household well, cradles their sons and have worshipped the household gods with their husbands beside them.

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