Ah are you Digging on My Grave Rhyme Scheme


The poem Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave is completely and solely concerned with the notions of death and a subtle possibility of after-life. The poem dissects the romantic notion associated with death and remembrance. It is presupposed that death causes a permanence of memories of the one who has demised. But Hardy deconstructs such illusions to show that death has always been a futile end and memories not leave a trail of dust but perishes with the individual concerned. Thus the concept of remembrance is very much delusional.

Ah are you Digging on My Grave Rhyme Scheme

The rhyme scheme compliments the poem’s theme of sentimental and romantic illusions dealt with the notion of death. The poem is written in the format of a ballad where the question “who is digging on my grave?” repeats like a refrain. The refrain commands the readers’ emphasis to the gravity of the narrator’s death.

The pattern is formulated into a regular rhythm of ABCCCB. The form is formulated in a question-answer format where the notion of death is being deciphered. The rhythm is predominately in iambic rhythm with a variation of iambic trimeter and iambic tetrameter.

This poem is composed by ‘seix sixaines’ (six stanzas with six lines each one). All the stanzas have the same structure:

Line 1, 4 feet, iambic tetrameter

Line 2, 3 feet, iambic trimeter

Line 3, 4 feet, iambic tetrameter

Line 4, 4 feet, iambic tetrameter

Line 5, 4 feet, iambic tetrameter

Line 6, 3 feet, iambic trimeter


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