Where the Mind is Without Fear Solved Questions by Rabindranath Tagore

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“Where the mind is without fear” −− What type of mental condition is required to attain ideal freedom as dreamt of by Rabindranath ?

The poet talks about a freedom which needs to be achieved within the human mind and soul. He talks about a condition where “the mind is without fear and the head is held high” The poet wants to say that freedom can be achieved if one is fearless in the persuit of his goal and dream. The poet talks about a condition where one is ready to explore the world of knowledge without any hesitation and fear of customs and tradition. The poet elaborates that when one is ready to work hard in achieving perfection at what he is doing- and when a man is free of age old superstitions which defy his logic and reason then one is in the path of achieving freedom

What is the heaven of freedom? How far has the idea of ‘Heaven of freedom’ been materialized in the modern world?

The “heaven of freedom” to the poet is a condition where one can persue knowledge, and work towards one vision without the fear of societal pressures and superstitions. In the modern world ,the world has become smaller, connectivity has increased but still there is war, oppression, fanaticism, racism  and discrimination which prevents an individual to persue ones dream. The heaven of freedom is still a distant dream even after so many years of independence.

Short Answer Type

A. Read the first four lines of the poem and answer the questions.

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1. What does the poet mean by ‘the head is held high’?

A. 1. The” head is held high” means one is confident about oneself, about his goals and dreams and no anount of superstitions and pressures of the society can repress his spirit and pride in himself.

2. Explain what does the poet mean by ‘where knowldge is free’?

A. 2. ”Kowledge  is free” means that a world where knowledge is not restricted on the basis of class, gender, caste and race. The world of knowledge can be explored by anyone irrespective of the strata of society he belonged to, and irrespective of any other differences.

3. What are narrow domestic walls?

A. 3. By ”Narrow domestic walls” the poet means the wall of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and colour which restricts a person in his persuit of knowledge and excellence.

B. Read the next four lines and answer the following questions.

1. Find out the line expressing, ‘Endless efforts are made to achieve the best quality.’

B. 1. The meaning is expressed in “Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards protection”

2. What do you understand by ‘clear stream of reason.’

B. 2. The poet asks for a world where one’s reason, logic and decisions are clear and not clouded by age old superstitions and prejudices.

3. What is the ‘dead habit’ according to the poet ?

B. 3. ”Dead habit” are those habits of superstitions and prejudices which are prohibitive and restrictive in achieving the freedom of the mind .

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C. Read the last four lines and answer the following questions.

1. What does the poet mean by ‘ever widening thought and action’?

C. 1 By ”ever widening thought and action” the poet means  the expression of thoughts, birth of new ideas and creations and a relentless persuit of excellence through hard work.

2. Describe any two traits of character the poet wants to inculcate in his countrymen.

C. 2. The poet wants his countrymen to be fearless and confident to pursue their excellence.

3. What does the poet mean by let my country awake?

C. 3. He also wants them to be laborious and put in endless effort to achieve the best in their work

4. What are the freedoms that R.N. Tagore mentions in the poem?

C. 4. The poet talks about his country being awakened to the path of glory where his countrymen explores knowledge, expresses innovation in thoughts, gives birth to new ideas and directs endless effort and action towards exc

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