“A Truly Beautiful Mind” Solved Questions and Answers: 2022

Here we take a closer look at the solved questions and answers of “A Truly Beautiful Mind”. We have divided the questions into a short and long format that will help you to study and prepare well for the exams.

Solved Questions and Answers for “A Truly Beautiful Mind”

  1. Why did Einstein leave the school in Munich?

Einstein used to hate the schooling system in Munich and he protested against it. He often clashed with the teachers. He felt suffocated by the school authorities and the entire system and, finally, at the age of 15, he decided to leave school for good.

  1. Why did Einstein want to study in Switzerland rather than studying in Munich?

After his parents moved to Milan, Einstein used to live with his relatives. He wished to continue his education in German-speaking Switzerland as it was much more liberal than the city of Munich. Einstein felt stifled by the education system in Munich.

  1. What did Einstein call his desk drawer at the patent office and Why?

Einstein called his desk drawer at work the “bureau of theoretical physics” because while he was supposed to be assessing other people’s inventions, he was actually developing his own ideas in secrecy.

  1. Why did Einstein write a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Many American Physicists were afraid that the Nazis were capable of building and using an atomic bomb. So, at the urging of a colleague, Einstein wrote a letter to the American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, warning him about the impact and consequences of using the atomic bomb.

  1. What was the relationship between Einstein and Mileva Maric?

Mileva Maric was a fellow student at the University of Zurich where Einstein went to get his degree.  Einstein found Mileva to be a “clever creature” and developed a special interest in her. They fell in love and exchanged a number of love letters and finally married each other in 1903. They had two sons but after a few years the marriage failed and they got divorced in 1919.

  1. What was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time and distance are not absolute. For instance, two completely accurate clocks will not continue to show the same time if they come together again after a journey if one of them has been moving very fast relative to the other. From this theory was established the relationship between mass and energy.

  1. Why did Einstein put off his wedding with Mileva?

Einstein wished to marry Mileva right after finishing his studies but his mother was strictly against it. Mileva was three years older than Einstein which made Einstein’s mother sceptical. Mileva’s intelligence also bothered her as she said about Mileva to Einstein that “She is a book like you”. Hence, Einstein was forced to put the wedding off.

  1. How did Einstein react to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Einstein was intensely shaken by the extent of destruction caused by the atomic bomb. He wrote a public missive to the United Nations proposing the formation of a world government. Over the next decade, Einstein became more involved in politics and used his popularity to promote peace and democracy.

  1. Who thought Einstein would never succeed in life?

A headmaster once told Einstein’s father that it wouldn’t matter what Einstein chose as a profession as, ignorant of Einstein’s inherent capabilities, he thought that Einstein would never succeed at anything in life.

Solved Long Questions of “A Truly Beautiful Mind”

  1. How does the world remember Einstein as a “world citizen”?

Einstein contributions to the world have been legendary and glorious. He made the world aware of various unknown and unexplored areas in Physics. One of the most famous papers in 1905 was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity on the basis of which the famous formula describing the relationship between mass and energy was established. Einstein had rightly calculated in advance the extent to which light from fixed stars would be deflected through the sun’s gravitational field. His General Theory of Relativity provided a new interpretation of gravity to the world. He received the Nobel Prize for his valuable contributions in Physics in 1921. Apart from this, Einstein attempted to warn the people about the impact of an atomic bomb by writing a letter to the President, describing the consequence of such an action. After the dreadful incident of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Einstein even proposed the formation of a world government. Later, he became actively involved in Politics and promoted peace and democracy, and demanding an end to the arms build-up.

  1. How did Einstein develop a special interest in Mileva Maric?

Einstein met the “clever creature”, Mileva Maric, at the University of Zurich. She had to come to Switzerland because the University of Zurich was one of the very few Universities in Europe where women could get degrees. Einstein saw in her a friend against the ‘philistines’ and became romantically involved with her. They exchanged a number of love letters. Einstein amalgamated science with romance as he wrote to her: “How happy and proud I shall be when we both have brought our work on relativity to a victorious conclusion.”

Einstein wished to marry Mileva right after finishing his studies but due to his mother’s reservations against her, he had to put the wedding off. Einstein’s mother disapproved of Mileva’s age and intelligence. Finally, he married Mileva in January 1903 and had two sons. But in due course of time, Mileva was losing her intellectual focus and becoming a despondent housewife. They fought a lot over the years and finally got divorced in 1919.

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