In the Country Summary by William Henry Davies

About the Poet: William Henry Davies or W. H. Davies born on 3 July 1871 was a Welsh poet and writer. Davies spent a significant part of his life as a tramp or hobo, in the United Kingdom and United States, but became one of the most popular poets of his time. The principal themes in his work are observations about life’s hardships, the ways in which the human condition is reflected in nature, his own tramping adventures and the various characters he met. Davies is usually considered one of the Georgian Poets, although much of his work is atypical of the style and themes adopted by others of the genre.

In the Country Summary by William Henry Davies

The opening lines refer ironically to the women white with care and men with wasted muscles. The luxurious, lazy life of the upper class is distinctly portrayed in these lines.

The poet instigates by saying that life is the sweetest in the country because there no children crying for food. In the country, no woman is pale with tensions. Everyman has work to do in the country. The poet knows well that it is a selfish thing to escape from human sufferings and avoid poor people who are sad and pale in the town. But it is sad that many people in the town are hungry.

The poet is happy in a village, because he rarely listens to the hungry cry of a child. He feels guilty to keep himself away from the unfortunate, suffering people. But what can he do if he sees only pains and hears only weeps? He cannot be proud of the Great statue when the starving people live at its feet. He is very sensitive and he feels sympathy for these poor creatures. But alas his hands are empty. He cannot enjoy the green tree in the city park, when the tree serves only as a temporary shelter for the homeless. He knows it is irresponsible and selfish of him to turn away from the misery of the city poor but he finds there is little he can do to relieve their misery. He therefore finds life in the woods the sweetest since he is not faced with the crushingmisery of others every day.

The closing lines describe a greedy wolf and a pitiable prey. The sounds of groaning and sighs take thereader virtually to a world of the exploiters and the exploited.

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