The Masters Summary by Frederick Morgan

About the Poet:Frederick Morgan, born on April 25, 1922 was a founder and for 55 years the editor of The Hudson Review, one of the nation’s most prestigious literary journals, and the author of more than a dozen books of poetry.

Fred Morgan was one of the great editors of American letters said who had a gift for discovering talent and, even more rare, for trusting talent. Morgan was open to writers’ ideas about subjects and how to approach them. Morgan made a point of publishing writers who were not getting the attention he felt they deserved.Born and raised in New York City, Morgan enrolled in the creative writing program at Princeton in 1939, when it was one of the only programs of its kind in the country. His professor, the poet and critic Allen Tate, encouraged him to pursue a literary career.

The Masters Summary by Frederick Morgan

The poem “The Master” written by Frederick Morgan illustrates the concept of individualuty.

‘The Master’ shows us a true master in the field of painting. Centuries before once, Han Kan were called to the palace. The emperor suggested him to learn painting-lessons from the great court -painter to refine his artistic qualities. But, he denied the suggestion. He said that he would take lessons from the stables instead. He went to the stable with his brushes and paints and started observing horses keenly .He watched the sparkle in the eyes of one horse,sensitive posture of another horse,and the graceful movement of yet another horse. At last he painted the favourite horse of the emperor. The painting of the war horse was named ‘Nightshining White’.The life- like quality and the whiteness of the painting ‘Nightshining White’ dazzles the eyes of the viewer’s still now.

The name of the senior court painter is not given in the poem because he has no name of his own, that is, he has no individuality. He represents slave-artists. The master’s denial suggests his spirit of freedom. His selection of the stable suggests his sense of reality and the realistic school of painting he belongs to.

The prettiness of the stories excels any other that we have read or heard. The beauty of Mother Nature is like buds from blissful Fountain. It decants into our hearts divine ecstasy of natural surroundings which is like unforgettable nectar.

The mighty deceased were those of unlimited authority, power and magnificence. They were prosperous, fearless and amazing people. They are dead in their grave but still replicate that grandeur and glory. Man makes his life unhappy by his own nature and actions. In the midst of these miseries and suffering, a thing of beauty works miracles. It delivers hope for man and eradicates distress and melancholy.

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