Prayer for Strength: Summary

“Prayer for Strength” is an inspirational poem by the versatile Rabindranath Tagore. The poem is in the form of a prayer, and the poet is asking the Lord to provide him with strength so that he can overcome all the hurdles in life.

Prayer for Strength: Summary

The poem begins with the poet asking Lord to strike at the very poverty in his heart. He is asking his God to provide him strength so that he can lightly bear the joys and sorrows of life and not get carried away with it. Moreover, he wants strength so that his love can be fruitful in service.

The poet then asks for strength so that he never disowns the poor or bend before the obnoxious minds. He asks for strength to raise his mind far above daily trifles and finally asks for the strength to surrender himself completely to God’s will with love.

penury: extreme poverty
fruitful: producing results
insolent: obnoxious
trifles: matters of little importance; insignificant issues

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