Solved Questions of The Inchcape Rock by Robert Southey: 2022

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Last updated on September 9th, 2022 at 03:22 pm

Solved Questions of  The Inchcape Rock:

1. What is “Inchcape Rock”?

The ‘Inchcape Rock’ is a perilous reef off the east coast of Angus Scotland near the mouth of the river Tay. The rock would just protrude for a few inches above the surface of the sea in low tide and be completely covered by the sea at high tide or when the sea was rough. Many ships had been wrecked by this ‘Inchcape rock’ when they mistakenly struck it when it was covered by the sea.

2. How does the Abbot of Aberbrothok help the sailors? 

In the fourteenth century, an abbot from Arbroath (Aberbrothok) in nearby Angus tied a bell to the Inchcape rock to warn the passing ships of the danger due to the notorious rock. When the sailors heard the bell ringing they knew that their ship was near the Inchcape rock which had been covered by the sea, and they would steer their ship to safety thanking and praising the abbot.

3. What does Ralph the Rover do to prevent the Abbot of Aberbrothok from helping the sailors? 

Ralph the Rover was a pirate who was jealous of the abbot’s fame and reputation determined to do a mischief, to cut the Bell off the Inchcape Rock, upon which the safety of so many ships depended. He carried out his evil purpose at once.

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