Vs Quillbot: Which Is the Best AI Paraphrasing Tool?

If you’re someone who is routinely involved with writing, you understand the challenge of delivering original content consistently. 

You’ve probably faced the struggle of constantly trying to find new ways to express the same ideas, and how it can be both time-consuming and frustrating. 

This is where paraphrasing tools step in to provide a solution.

As an experienced professional writer with over five years under my belt, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect paraphrasing tool to improve the efficiency and quality of my work. 

It’s this thirst for the best in class that brought me to both and QuillBot. 

So, here is my honest review on which one is the best AI paraphrasing tool after my hands-on experience with both paraphrasers. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

About A Comprehensive Writing Assistant goes beyond the traditional paraphrasing services, transforming itself into an all-encompassing writing assistant to facilitate content creators of all types.

Diverse Eight Paraphrasing Modes: Eight distinctive paraphrasing modes distinguish from other tools. The basic tier offers three free modes: Free Rewriter, Text Improver, and Near Human. 

  • Free Rewriter
  • Text Improver
  • Near Human
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • Creative
  • Academic
  • Sentence Rephraser

Advanced Writing Features

Sentence Level Paraphrasing: This tool enriches rewriting by offering five alternate sentences when you click on a spun sentence. This feature is absolutely free. 

Tone Adjustment: You can tweak your content’s tone to fit a casual, formal, professional, or witty style.

Synonym Changer and Definitions: Enhances your text with alternate word suggestions and provides definitions for complex words.

Higher Word Count Limit: allows users to paraphrase up to 20,000 characters at once, making it suitable for larger-scale rewriting tasks. 

Audio, Image, and Speech-to-Text Paraphrasing: offers audio, image, and speech-to-text paraphrasing, to take content conversion to a whole new level.

AI Text Editor: This feature lets you translate text, summarize your writing, add bullet points, and much more, all within a single click.

Web Browsing: Simplifies research by allowing you to search the web, find relevant articles, and insert text directly into the editor.

Ask Anything: Provides answers to your queries with useful references.

Built-in Summarizer: Quickly generate succinct summaries of paraphrased content for condensing lengthy academic articles or comprehensive reports.

Plagiarism Checker:’s built-in plagiarism checker scans your text against millions of documents to ensure your writing maintains integrity.

Extensions and Add-ons: offers extensions and add-ons, facilitating seamless integration with your workflow across various platforms like  Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, Android, IOS apps, and MS Word add-ons. 

Additional AI Tools: distinguishes itself by offering 30+ additional AI tools that complement its rewriting capabilities, making it a comprehensive writing assistant solution.

Pricing stands out with its affordable solo paraphrasing plan priced at only $7 per month, or $5 per month with an annual plan.

QuillBot: A Trusted Name in the Paraphrasing Domain

QuillBot shines in the world of paraphrasing with its impressive performance and user-friendly approach.

Seven Paraphrasing Modes: QuillBot provides seven unique paraphrasing modes, each serving a distinct purpose:

  • Standard
  • Fluency
  • Creative
  • Simple
  • Formal
  • Shorten
  • Expand

The first two modes are free, while others are included in the premium plan.

Advanced Paraphrasing Features 

QuillBot offers a range of additional features that build upon its core paraphrasing service.

Synonym Slider Bar: One of QuillBot’s unique offerings is a Synonym Slider Bar. This lets you control the degree of word change in your text, offering you more customization and control over your content.

Selecting Custom Mode: QuillBot offers you a custom mode that allows you to act like a specific person based on your writing needs. For example, you can ask it to act like a copywriter or CEO to customize your writing style. 

Sentence Level Rephrasing: With QuillBot’s Sentence Rephraser feature, you can restructure and reword each sentence for varied and engaging text. It offers you three sentence alternatives upon selecting the spun sentence. To unlock this feature, upgrading to the premium version is necessary.

Additional Writing Tools: Apart from its primary paraphrasing service, QuillBot also offers several other tools to assist in your writing process. These tools are plagiarism checker, grammar checker, citation generator, and more. 

Sentence Level Rephrasing: With QuillBot’s Sentence Rephraser feature, you can restructure and reword each sentence for varied and engaging text. It offers you three sentence alternatives upon selecting the spun sentence. To unlock this feature, upgrading to the premium version is necessary.


Quillbot offers its cost-effective individual paraphrasing package at a mere $9.95 per month. 

Head-to-Head Comparison: Quillbot Vs

Now, equipped with an in-depth understanding of both and QuillBot, let’s delve into a head-to-head comparison. This will spotlight their unique strengths and potential limitations, helping you choose the tool that best meets your needs.

Feature CategoryParaphrasingtool.aiQuillBot
Paraphrasing ModesEight ModesSeven Modes
Free ModesThree Modes: Free Rewriter, Text Improver, Near HumanTwo Modes: Standard, Fluency
Sentence Level ParaphrasingYes, offers five alternate sentences for freeOffers three sentence alternatives (Premium)
Tone AdjustmentYesN/A
Synonym Changer and DefinitionsYesSynonym Slider Bar
Additional Paraphrasing FeaturesAudio, Image, and Speech-to-Text ParaphrasingAI Text EditorWeb BrowsingAsk AnythingBuilt-in SummarizerN/A
Free Word Count Limit 20k characters Only 125 words
Plagiarism CheckerYesYes
Extensions and Add-onsYes, various platforms supportedYes, various platforms supported
Additional AI ToolsYes, 30+ AI toolsYes, 10+ AI tools
Pricing$7 per month ($5 per month with annual plan)$9.95 per month

Modes Comparison: Quillbot Vs

When comparing Quillbot and, it’s crucial to consider their unique features, such as their distinctive paraphrasing modes. Each tool boasts several modes aimed at catering to the diverse needs of its users. Let’s delve deeper into the comparison., on the other hand, presents eight different paraphrasing modes:

1. Free Rewriter

This mode paraphrases up to 20,000 characters, suitable for large-scale content rewriting.


2. Text Improver

It simplifies the writing style and fixes sentence structures, delivering improved readability.


3. Near Human

This mode aims to provide a human-like touch in its rewriting approach, ensuring natural sounding content.


4. Plagiarism Remover

It ensures the originality and integrity of your text, making it ideal for academic and professional writing.


5. Creative Mode

Similar to Quillbot’s Creative mode, this one infuses your content with unique and fresh ideas.


6. Academic Mode

It refines complex content or scholarly papers, adhering to the formal and strict writing style often required in academia.


7.  Quill Text Mode

Quill’s text mode enhances writing by promoting clarity and conciseness to make the content quality more streamlined and efficient.


7. Sentence Rephraser

This mode enables sentence-by-sentence refinement, offering a high degree of customization.



QuillBot offers seven distinct paraphrasing modes:

1. Standard Mode

This mode provides general paraphrasing solutions suitable for a variety of writing tasks.


2. Fluency Mode

It aims to rectify grammatical errors and enhance sentence flow, providing a smooth and readable output.


3. Creative Mode

This mode is designed to infuse creativity into your writing, offering unique and engaging rewrites.


4. Simple Mode

It rewrites ideas without changing the core meaning, ensuring simplicity while retaining the essence.


5. Formal Mode

This mode guarantees a professional tone in your writing, which is crucial for formal or business writing.


6. Shorten Mode

This mode reduces the length of the content without changing the context, perfect for condensing lengthy pieces.


7. Expand Mode

As the name suggests, it expands on the content without compromising the core message.


Quality-wise, both QuillBot, and provide stellar paraphrasing results. They produce human-like text that doesn’t deviate from the original meaning. Their advanced AI models ensure that the reworded content retains the context and delivers it in a fresh and engaging manner.

However, if we take into consideration the diversity of modes and the advanced features, takes the edge.

Why is Better Than QuillBot?

While both QuillBot and offer robust and reliable paraphrasing tools, there are several reasons why you might find to be a better fit for your needs.

  • offers eight unique modes, compared to QuillBot’s seven, providing a wider array of rewriting options.
  • Features like Tone Adjustment allow for more customization and tailoring of the output to the writer’s specific needs.
  • offers audio, image, and speech-to-text paraphrasing, allowing for diverse content forms to be converted into text.
  • The ability to search the web and insert text directly into the editor simplifies the research process, making very user-friendly for content creators and researchers.
  • With 30+ additional AI tools, offers a suite of options to help improve your writing and workflow beyond simple paraphrasing.
  • At only $7 per month ($5 per month with an annual plan), provides a more cost-effective solution for its comprehensive set of features. Vs Quillbot: Which Is the Best Ai Paraphrasing Tool?

Having taken a comprehensive look at both QuillBot and, it’s clear that each tool presents a unique set of capabilities designed to enhance your writing process. However, the ultimate decision lies with you and should be guided by your specific needs, objectives, and preferences. has a slight edge in this comparison for several reasons. As a content creator, business owner, academic researcher, or student, you require a tool that is not only robust but also time-efficient, cost-effective, and result-oriented. ticks all these boxes and more.

On the other hand, QuillBot continues to hold its ground as a reliable and user-friendly paraphrasing tool. Its straightforward approach to paraphrasing and additional features like the synonym slider bar makes it a good choice for those who require simple yet effective rewriting capabilities.

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