Birches Themes by Robert Frost: 2022

In this article, we are going to discuss the various themes of the popular poem ‘Birches‘ by Robert Frost. The poem is written with vivid imagery and has themes which primarily includes Youth, Reality vs Fancy, and Nostalgia. Do take a look at these various themes of Birches here at Beamingnotes.


The poem is full of allusions to the childhood experiences of the poet-cum-narrator and the imagined boys. The poet seems weary of this world and wants to return to his childhood once again leaving behind the responsibilities, duties, drudgeries of the day to day existence. This is a common theme in the poems of the Romantics and Robert Frost is most probably influenced by them.

Reality v/s Fancy

Robert Frost is known for his lovely nature poems. “Birches” is a famous nature poem of him. From the beginning of the poem, the poet starts imagining the possible causes of the bending of the birch trees. Then he goes on to imagine a lot of other things. Towards the latter portion of the poem, he expresses his desire to go away from this world as he has become world-weary, tired of his responsibilities and who doesn’t want to leave behind the drudgeries of day to day life. But after this initial escapist attitude, the poet reconciles to the idea of reality as he understands that no one can escape reality for long. One has to come back to this world as that has been the usual fate ascribed to humans by the Almighty. Although we can escape into our fancy for some time this balancing between imagination and reality is crucial and Frost seems to indicate this in his poem.


Also a recurring theme in many of Frost’s poems, the theme of nostalgia is strong in this poem. After seeing the birch trees bending down, the poet “likes to think” that it has been the mischief of some rural New England boys with whom it has been the custom to play with the trees in their recreational periods. The poet too has been extremely fond of this in his own childhood. In the later section of the poem, the poet expresses his desire to go back once again to his childhood to enjoy these little, silly pleasures. We hope this write-up is helpful in expressing the various themes in the poem Birches by Robert Frost!
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