Summary of A Bright Morning by Teddy Temple: 2022

About the poet:

Born in the port city of Kisumu, Teddy Temple lives in Nairobi and is still continuing with his academics. Still an amateur, his notable poetries include Roads of love, Friendship, Always Smile, Poetic Escape and  A Bright Morning. Most of his poems are quatrains and written in a simple, yet beautifully effective language. The alternate rhyme scheme followed in his poems adds a lyrical tone to them. His collection of poetry is such that can inspire the readers and ignite a glow in their hearts. Some of his writings have been published in magazines, like White Wash Dreams. His poetries are usually pastoral and have a soft theme. Temple’s poetry reflects the thoughts of a man with dreams of world peace, love and a harmonious society.

About A Bright Morning:

A quatrain consisting of three stanzas, A Bright Morning is a short poem which encompasses the beauty of the early morning, hope, optimism and making a new beginning, all within its 12 lines. This poem is in sync with Temple’s pastoral style of poetry writing. The use of soft, endearing terms strikes a chord within the reader and gives out a message of peace and happiness. The poem has an alternate rhyme, which coupled together with the imagery and the poem’s theme, gives the poem a touch of melody and makes it a pleasant read.

The Setting of A Bright Morning:

The title of the poem itself gives the reader vibes of optimism and positivity. A bright morning by Teddy Temple is a poem that has been abundantly sprinkled with happiness and rejuvenation. As the title indicates, the setting is a bright morning which is filled with opportunities and hope. The mention of the morning breeze, green trees, and singing birds suggests it to be a spring morning. The setting also has the presence of a church, implied by the “golden bells ringing”.

Stanza wise summary of A Bright Morning:

1st stanza:
From hours of dark night 
Now we are in bright light
Morning is ushered in by the birds singing
And the golden bells ringing
The first stanza describes that hour of the morning when people are just waking up from a deep slumber. Now the night has departed and the earth is bathed in the bright light of the sun. Birds and animals are already up, and welcoming the new day with their cheerful tweeting, chirping, and singing. Golden bells ringing is a reference to the morning bells of the church, indicating the God too is casting away the shadow of the night and welcoming the bright new day.
2nd stanza:
Leaves dance to the tune of the morning breeze
Accompanied by the swaying of the trees
You set to begin another day
Try hard not to waste it away
Majorly nature centric, the second stanza describes the phenomenon that occurs in nature with the advent of a new day. The gentle cool wind that blows early morning ruffles the leaves and also makes the trees move in tune with it. Here “in tune” is used to allude to the fact that if the wind is light, the trees sway mildly whereas; if the wind is heavy and strong the trees have a sharp and hefty movement. A man sets to embark on another day and make the most of it and accomplish as much as he can, and not let the day go useless.
3rd stanza:
Rising of the sun puts a smile on our face and joy in our hearts
And it seems to wash out yesterdays’ dirts
As you can feel glitters of hope at daybreak
So you got to let the souls wake 
Optimism and ecstasy are highlighted in the third stanza. The rising sun lifts human spirits and results in the blooming of happiness in everybody’s hearts. The mistakes and darkness of the past are done away with, and weariness of the day before is replaced with feelings of hope to make today worthy. In the last line, the poet addresses the reader and tells him that now he has to awake from his slumber and get rejuvenated. This might have a wider meaning to it with the poet telling the man to do away with his ignorance, dark past, regrets and mistakes and make a fresh new beginning and start a new chapter in his life.

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