Solved Short Question of A Tiger In The Zoo by Leslie Norris: 2022


Short Questions:

Q1: ‘He stalks in his vivid stripes.’How does the tiger look in his cage?

A:  The tiger has sharp, clear stripes on his body.He looks majestic as he moves slowly and quietly in his cage. He has soft velvety pads.He makes no noise as he moves.

Q2: ‘On pads of velvet quiet /in his quiet rage, what does the tiger do in his cage?

A:  It is a very small cage. The tiger can hardly take a few steps along the length of the cage. He cannot express himself fully in this claustrophobic atmosphere. He does not take any notice of the visitors who come there. He always wishes to be free from this cage.

Q3: ‘He should be lurking in the shadows /sliding through long grass ‘what should the tiger be doing if he were in the jungle?

A: The tiger would be lurking in the shadows of trees. He would be sliding slowly through the long grass. He would be sitting by some water hole and waiting for some plump deer to pass that way. Here, the poet presents the tiger’s hunting process.

Q4: ‘He should be snarling around houses /at the jungle’s edge’ what should the tiger be doing if he were at the edge of the jungle? Why should the tiger snarl around houses at the edge of the jungle?

A:  The tiger would be moving around the houses in a nearby village. He would be growling while moving around the sight of his white fangs and his terrible claws would fill the villagers with terror. The jungle is the natural habitat of the wild animals where the tiger can express his power and strength.

The tiger should snarl around houses at the edge of the jungle because of the following reasons: – firstly the villagers will not disturb the peace of the forest. Secondly, they will kill the animals for money or just for fun.

Q5: ‘Stalking the length of his cage /ignoring visitors’ that is the tiger doing? Why is he ignoring the visitors?

A:  The tiger is imprisoned in the zoo and becomes helpless. He is moving along the length of the cage slowly and quietly. He sees that he visitors keep coming and going. None of them thinks of releasing him from his prison. The tiger sees that all of them are fellows of without feeling. So he stops taking any notice of them.

Q6:  ‘And stares with his brilliant eyes / at the brilliant stars ‘     Why do you think the tiger looks at the stars?

A: The tiger has lost all hope to be free from the men. However, he looks at the brilliant stars who are free in their own places and he also wants to mingle with nature. Again, the tiger is sad and dejected in the concrete cell. When he hears the last sound of the patrolling cars, he stares at the brilliant stars and remembering good and pleasant days in the forest

Q7: What is Rhyme scheme of this poem?

A: The poem “A tiger in the Zoo” has five stanzas and each stanza follows the same simple rhyme scheme – ABCB.

Q8: What types of rhetorical devices are used by the poet in this poem?

A: In this poem, the poet has used many rhetorical devices like personification, metaphor, metonymy, and oxymoron. The poet personifies the tiger thus, he refers to the tiger not as “it”, but as “he”. The poet uses the device of metaphor in the 3rd line of the 1st stanza when he compares the pads of the tiger’s feet with velvet since both are soft and smooth to the touch. Again, “quiet rage” is an example of an oxymoron. The word “strength” in the poem means the body of the tiger and this is an example of metonymy.

Q9: What is the central idea of this poem?

A: In this poem, the poet gives a message to his readers that a tiger is better suited to living in the forest rather than living in the claustrophobic atmosphere in a zoo. In the jungle, the tiger, the wild animal, can roam freely and expresses his power. In the forest, he can hunt when he requires food. It can approach human habitation, but will not do any harm to them. On the other hand, in the zoo, the space is too short for a tiger to roam. His movement is restricted and made him a prisoner in the cage of the zoo. Here, the tiger lives an unnatural and unhappy life and become helpless.

Q10. Explain-“Ignoring visitors”-

A: The tiger is a captive in the zoo. He can fully express his wild nature in the forest. But in the zoo, he is depressed and hopeless to be free. Therefore, he ignores the visitors.

Q11: Where the tiger should be lurking?

A: The tiger should be lurking in the shadow of the long grass so that the plump deers can not understand his existence.

Q12:. Who passes through the water hole?

A: The plump deers pass through the water hole and the tiger would lurk within long grass for hunting.

Q13. How should the tiger terrorize the village?

A: The tiger should terrosise around houses at the edge of the jungle because of the following reasons: – firstly the villagers will not disturb the peace of the forest. Secondly, they kill the animals for money or just for fun. Thus, he expresses his wild existence and warns the villagers at the edge of the forest.

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