Summary and Analysis of To My Mother by Christina Rossetti: 2022

About the Poet:

Christina Rossetti (5 December 1830- 29 December 1894) was an English writer who wrote a variety of romantic, devotional and children’s poems during her time. The sister of Pre-Raphaelite writer-artists, Dante Gabriel and William Rossetti, she was gifted with heights of creative powers. Although she was educated at home, it was her mother who had studied well-known religious works, classics, fairy tales and novels of her time. Some of her most famous works include “Goblin Market” and “Remember”.

Introduction to To My Mother:

To My Mother is a short little poem by Rossetti that she had supposedly written and recited on her mother’s birthday. She wishes her mother to have a joyful birthday and recites all the wonderful things that she wishes for her. She even asks for her long life to affect her family for as long as they live.

The Setting of To My Mother:

This poem is a perfectly short and well versed rhyme by Rossetti that was set around one of the birthdays of her mother. As a gift, Rossetti writes this poem in her mother’s honour to shower her with well wishes and blessings in a poetic form. She also gifts her mother flowers that she asks her to accept in the poem, on the occasion of her birthday.

Poetic Devices in To My Mother:

Rossetti calling it her mother’s “natal day” is the symbolism of the birthday in this poem.

The Style of To My Mother:

To-day’s your natal day; (A)
Sweet flowers I bring: (B)
Mother, accept, I pray (A)
My offering. (B)

Summary of To My Mother:

To My Mother is a small poem narrated by Rossetti on the occasion of her mother’s birthday. Rossetti presents her mother with this poem, narrating her near and dear well-wishes for her mother. She also gifts her mother with a bouquet of flowers that she addresses her to accept in the poem. She then goes on to ask her mother to receive all the love that has been showered upon her while she emits great happiness.

Critical Analysis of To My Mother:

The poem is about the undying love of a mother-daughter relationship. Rossetti describes all her heart’s wishes to her mother regarding her wellness. She also addresses her mother to accept the gift of flowers that she has presented to her mother along with the poem that she has dedicated for her. Each sentence is narrated in the most respectful manner, describing the reverence that Rossetti had for her mother. Her kind words for her mother is what also portrays the affection between the two, much like any of the mother-daughter relationships.

Central Idea of To My Mother:

The poem revolves around Rossetti wishing her mother on her birthday. She not only addresses her mother to accept the flowers that she has presented to her mother on their birthday, but also describes of how she wishes for her to live a long life and continue to receive all the love that she has been getting to go hand in hand with all the love that she has been giving out to others.

The Tone of To My Mother:

The poem begins with Rossetti requesting her mother to accept the flowers that she has just handed out to her mother as a token of appreciation on the occasion of her birthday. She then speaks to her mother stating that she has been praying for her well-being and asks her to accept those wishes along with the flowers too. She then commends her for her kind heart and asks her to continue showering her family with all the love and also receive it the same way.


To my Mother is a poem by Rossetti that expresses her love and affection for her mother on the peak of her mother’s birthday. She confesses her wishes and her deepest regards for her mother when she narrates this part of the poem, asking her to keep receiving all of the love that she shall be showered with on this day which shall hopefully compensate for all the love that she has been spreading throughout the family.
Contributor: Deeksha Honawar

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