Central Idea, Theme and Tone of That’s Success by Berton Braley: 2022

Central Idea of the Poem

The poem “That’s Success” by BertonBraley,  is areminder for all to Examine what they term as success, what society has conditioned them to consider as success and also what they are chasing thinking it to be success. Acquisition of the green paper notes aren’t all and enough to be termed as being successful, and that s the central idea the poet talks about. The poet enlightens us how nurturing human relationships, being fair and just to mankind, having perseverance and sincerity towards one’s aim, accepting failures and pursuing it with greater gusto is the actual parameter of being successful.

These few elemental lessons are often missed out on in the course of one s life, in the race to win and end up on the top, when there, leaving one to realize they lost out on the important things in life for the paper note.

We can perceive a form of reminding in each of hiswords, urging all to not make the mistake most make, for when one realizes it, it’s always too late, since one can’tcelebrate success with the inanimate objects and an unclear conscience. The victory feels greater when there are close dear ones to share it with, and a knowledge of having earned it with hard labour. That’s when you are successful.

Theme and Tone of the Poem

Themes of the Poem:
The theme that is forbearing in the entire poem is that of self-making, retrospection and introspecting within to examine the notions related to success and earning it. The poet with every line made an attempt to break the stereotypical way success is perceived, making points and elucidating those little things that form an important part of “success”. He stresses on the fact that being successful is not as important as the way you do it. If the path taken is correct, you are bound to reach your target, if the perceptions are clear, you are bound to go beyond and earn it.

Tone of the poem:

“That’s Success” as the name suggests, is  a comprehension by the poet of the intangible concept of success. The poet adopts a positive tone when he tells us about the elements that are absolutely indispensable in the path of earning success, a few crucial reminders of what in actuality bestows real satisfaction.

He adopts an optimistic tone throughout the poem, urging all to walk the path of life proceeding towards their set aims with a jig in their steps, a smile on their faces and a vigor to remain true to their core and conscience. On the whole, the poem has a bright tone that energizes all to take life head on, and travel it with a mindset of overcoming all obstacles to reach their objectives, on the way nurturing those people and things that money cant buy, thus striking a balance.


“That’s success”, is a distinctly stirring piece which conveys an extremely crucial life lesson, that of valuing just means and friends more in the path of earning success, for a dirtied conscience wont let you sleep in peace at night and doing wrong to others for your own benefits wont let you ultimately get what you desire.

Money might buy you materialistic things, and also can be earned in a lot of ways. What is important is the way it is earned, and the sincerity towards one s goal, not changing paths inspite of impediments on the way, the satisfaction earned then cannot be bought with money, it has to be earned with a clean soul willing to work hard, and believing in their dreams.

The poet has used a very simplistic style to impart a momentous meaning, enhancing the beauty of the poem. The message that the poem diffuses into its readers is more of a reminder how fast life goes by and how important it is to slow down and examine what is really important in this journey, lest precious energy be spent on worthless things. It  is relevant to readers of all times, making this poem as significant now as it was when it had been published first, for success is an elusive element men has been chasing since time immemorial.

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