Wining and Dining Summary by Amanda Lukas

About the Poet: Amanda Lukas is an American poet who writes beautiful poems on relationship, romance, heartbreaks etc. Her poems are the source of expressing her emotions to the readers. Her poems could represent for any woman across cultures, and any woman of any age could relate with her. Her other poems: Daddy, When He Sleeps, Mending a Broken Heart, etc. are about her expressions about her father, and rest are about her romantic expressions about her partner.

Wining and Dining Summary by Amanda Lukas

Dinner and a movie sounds divine,
although I’m not the type that needs to be wined and dined,
I’m happy hiking with you for miles.
Just being lost in the woods with you – being lost in your smile.

In this stanza, the poet is saying that a classy idea or plan of dinner and a movie for a date sounds fantastic to her. But she is not a person who needs to be impressed by an organized plan of wine and dine. Although she is she is happy spending time with her partner in this way, but she will be much happy by escaping somewhere and hiking into the miles with no destination in her mind. She is saying that she wants to get lost in the woods, where there is no one to watch them revel in their bond of love.

Imagining a day in your arms is imagining perfection
and the end of the day leads my mind in one direction –
to find that comfortable niche, my head resting on your neck
and an arm draped across your chest.

In this stanza, she wants to keep seeing him smile and get lost in that, as she admires how beautiful he is. She imagines a day where she is wrapping her arms across him, and sitting in peace. She thinks such a day would be better and perfect than the normal and mundane things like wining and dining. She says that by the end of the day, her mind leads to just one direction, instead of running vast in all the different ways possible, and be peaceful by resting her head on his neck, and sit with her arms draped across his chest.

Whatever it is you want to do
makes no difference to me because, when I am with you,
I am exactly where I want to be.
You need not try to impress me.
Just hold me, have me, keep me.

In this stanza, she says that there is no need for him to go out his way and impress her, as she is deeply in love with him already. These things don’t make much difference to her, as she is already with him, and she knows that she wants to be with him, and she knows it for sure. She says that all he needs to do is hold her, and have her. She doesn’t want him to go away from her.

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