Expert Detectives: Summary and Analysis: 2022

The story, Expert Detectives by Sharada Dwivedi from ‘The Broken Flute’ is about two mysterious men and two children, Nishad and his sister, Maya. 

Expert Detectives Summary

The story starts with a conversation between Maya and Seven. Nishad is Seven’s real name, and he is just seven years old, whereas Maya was ten years old. Their neighbor seemed suspicious to them, and they were curious about him. The person could be poor or a crook on the run. Nishad was curious and apprehensive about him, but Maya believed that he was a culprit and must have hidden a treasure. They talked about his eating habits and his work, and Nishad firmly said that the scars on his face burned marks.

Once, Nishad visited Mr. Nath with his mother while Maya was spending time with her school friend. He got upset about the ill health of Mr. Nath. Nishad went back in the evening and knocked at Mr. Nath’s door but could not catch a glimpse. He got a chocolate bar and then headed to Ramesh, who brought the meals from the restaurants. He informed about his routine and said there was a special demand for food on Sundays because they were expecting a visitor.

Mr. Nath paid for the food that included dal, chapati, and vegetables, and Maya questioned with her detective instincts. Se argued about crooks having deceptive looks. The following day, it rained heavily, and the children got an unexpected break from school. Maya got seated with a piece of paper. On the piece of paper, she wrote ‘Catching a Crook’ in capital letters. She wrote for about half an hour before turning to her brother, who was studying in bed. She asked him to listen to what she had written.

When Nishad nodded, Maya presented the facts that had to be enquired of Mr.Nath. Nishad did not pay attention to it because he sympathized with Mr. Nath being lonely and not having any friends. She spoke about the visitor being an accomplice of Mr.Nath. Nishad said that he did not like her idea and spoke about Mr. Nath’s generosity for giving Ramesh the tips. The narrator constantly accused him of hiding.

The constant nagging annoyed and angered Nishad. He did wish that Mr.Nath becomes a victim of circumstances that made him a recluse. This led to an argument, and Nishad left without surrendering to the narrator’s ideas.

Expert Detectives Analysis

Nishad and Maya have always been curious about Mr. Nath, their neighbor. One day, their marbles went inside Mr. Nath’s house, and Nishan saw Mr. Nath. He thought that Mr. Nath was a crook who was escaping from the cops. He had a terrible scar on his face and was lonely. Mr. Nath was their mother’s patient, and she told them that he was a polite man. Nishad is also called Seven because his name is the seventh note on the musical scale.

The two children discussed their neighbor and argued about his finances, managing his food, and more. Nishad thought that he was poor, and Maya thought he had a lot hidden. The children thought that the scar was from a shoot-out with the police. On their mother’s birthday, Nishad went with his mother and happened to see Mr. Nath. He got worried after seeing Mr. Nath’s appearance. Nishad went to Mr.Nath’s house in the evening and gave him a chocolate bar and friends with Ramesh, who brought Mr. Nath the food. Ramesh said that Mr.Nath had two meals every day with tea in the morning and evening. Every day, he had the same meal and always paid in cash and gave tips.

Mr. Nath gets a visitor on Sundays. He is a tall, stout man with spectacles who talks a lot.

On an unexpected holiday, Nishad read comics while Maya came and informed what she did. She wrote and made a note of everything they knew about Mr. Nath. Nishad disagreed with Maya about calling him a criminal. He felt about Mr. Nath and being lovely. Maya thought that his visitor must be an accomplice. The children argue about this. Nishad was interested to find why Mr. Nath was so thin and lonely was wanted to be friends with him. Maya’s beliefs have no impact on Nishad.

Expert Detectives Character Sketch

The story Expert Detectives has over half a dozen characters in it. Out of that, three of them are children- the narrator, his younger brother named Nishad and lovably called Seven, and sister Maya. Nishad is seven years old, and Maya is ten years old. They decide to become detectives and analyze their neighbor, who they were very curious about. Their mother is a doctor. Their neighbor, Mr. Nath, is their mother’s patient. The other character is Ramesh, who takes tea and meals from the restaurant to Mr. Nath. He is paid by Mr. Nath in cash, and he is always tipped.

In their quest to know more about Mr. Nath, Maya is convinced that Mr. Nath is a crook and is hiding from the police. She thinks that Mr. Nath’s visitor on Sundays is his accomplice. She thinks that the scar on his face is from a shootout with the police. On the other hand, Nishad has a more sensible approach and sympathizes with Mr. Nath’s condition, where he is sick and lonely. When Nishad sees Mr. Nath, he is upset about him being so thin, poor, and starving, so he gives him a chocolate. Nishad stopped participating in their investigation and tries to befriend Mr. Nath.

Expert Detectives Theme

The story shows the innocent approach of children. Both the children had severely conflicting views on Mr. Nath. While one chose to be more sensible and empathetic in his approach, the other child chooses to be more inquisitive and not simply believe in things. The story familiarizes children with the idea of poverty and how one must be kind and not jump to conclusions.

Expert Detectives Analysis Key Points

The story talks about two young detectives who were inquisitive about a polite man who was a recluse with health problems. Nishad’s mother was a doctor and knew the man as her patient. The young detectives constantly searched for evidence against him, but they were more hypothetical than incriminating. In their acts, the dedication and curiosity are pretty evident. The narrator remembers the early days of his childhood.

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