The Tiny Teacher: Summary and Analysis: 2022

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Last updated on September 2nd, 2022 at 04:15 am

The story tiny teacher talks about the tiniest teacher we can learn from. It talks about the ant who is a great teacher and can go on to teach very important things like how to be disciplined and more. Despite their small size, they fulfill their duties with utmost dedication and sincerity. They are hard-working and intelligent. You can see that they perform a lot of duties from cleaner to a soldier. They inhabit an anthill where they have hundreds of small rooms and passage for all the ants. They also have a queen ant who lays eggs on soon-to-be perfect ants. The queen understands the duties of the old ants and gets ready to survive in the world. Ants can teach one a lot.

The Tiny Teacher Summary

The stories about an ant’s life are truly remarkable. They are the smallest and the wisest creature that people have seen. They have comfortable homes, where each home has hundreds of little rooms and passages. The queen ant lays eggs in some of these rooms, while the others are treated as nurseries for the young ant. The workers get their reserved quarters. Some rooms are storehouses for their food. The soldiers get different barracks. The ant in a house never quarrels with each other.

Each ant carries out their share of work with intelligence and bravery, which leads the ants to lead a very peaceful life. Some people keep ants as pets and observe the ants’ behaviors closely regularly. Ants used their feelers to communicate with and greet each other. There are several kinds of ants, but the most common is the black and red ones.

The mother of the entire population of the ants’ colony is the queen ant, who has a pair of wings. Post the wedding flight. It removes its wings. Post that, it does nothing other than laying eggs. After the eggs hatch, grubs come out, which takes two to three weeks to become cocoons, which takes three more weeks to become perfect ants. The entire process takes about five to six weeks.

Soldiers guard the grubs, and the worker ant takes them about for airing, exercising, and sunshine. The new ants get training for the jobs of soldiers, builders, cleaners, and such. After training for a week, the small ants are ready to go to work.

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Creatures that are not ants also inhabit the anthill. These are beetles, lesser breeds of ants, and the greenfly. Some of these provide a pleasant smell for the ants, others give juices, and some are pets or playthings. The greenfly receives training from ants to give honeydew, and they are milked just like cows.

Man can learn several things from the tiny teacher: hard work, sense of duty, discipline, cleanliness, care for younger ones, and more. The ants have absolute loyalty to the land they live in. They are very hardworking and do their duties regularly. The most important qualities of an ant’s life are the sense of duty and discipline. This is why one never sees the ants of the same colony fight. All the ants come together to take care of the young ones. Queen ants lay eggs while soldiers guard the grubs, and workers feed and clean them. New ants learn from the old ones.

The Tiny Teacher Analysis

The story is about an ant’s remarkable life. Ants are the tiniest but the wisest creatures that we see in our daily lives. They reside in comfortable homes that have hundreds of tiny rooms and passages. In some rooms, the queen ant would lay eggs while the rest of the rooms would be nurseries for young ants. The house of ants does not witness any quarrels as everyone carries out their duties with peace.

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All the ants have some duties that they do responsibly. All of them lead peaceful lives. Some people, called the ‘ant keepers,’ keep ants as their pets. The idea is to document the ants’ daily behavior and observe them closely. Ants use feelers to communicate with or greet each other. The most common types are the red and black ones, but there are various kinds of ants.

The queen ant is the mother of the entire population of the ants’ colony. It has a pair of wings that it gets rid of after the wedding flight. Soon, it lays eggs that go through the cycle of grubs to cocoons and, finally, ants. This takes about five to six weeks.

The soldier ants guard the eggs after they become grubs. Similarly, the worker ants carry these grubs to get aired, exercise, and sunshine. The new ants go on to take the jobs of soldiers, builders, cleaners, and more. The small ants get training for weeks before they go out to work.

The ants do everything in a systematic manner, and there are several things that the tiny teachers can impart wisdom on. Great teachers can teach a lot, whether it is hard work, a sense of duty, care, discipline, or such. The ants never fight because they are loyal and disciplined. They are little but are significant creatures that teach a lot to everyone.

The Tiny Teacher Theme

The story depicts that one must be dedicated to their duty. Even the smallest creatures are dedicated to performing the assigned tasks in a sincere way. One must be hardworking and sincere in their endeavors and perform well, irrespective of what it is. The ants can impart some valuable lessons to humans and teach them how to be disciplined and hardworking. The ants have divided tasks and carry out everything in a systematic way. There are no quarrels and hassles, just loyalty, discipline towards duty, and sincerity to their assigned tasks.

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The Tiny Teacher Analysis Key Points

As the title suggests, one must not judge someone by their size because even the tiniest creatures like ants are big teachers who teach us hard work, duty, discipline, cleanliness, loyalty, and more with their regular actions and functioning and the kind of lives they lead.

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