The Bear Story: Summary and Analysis: 2022

The story is about a bear and a woman. The woman finds a bear cub in the forest and feeds him with a bottle. She took the bear back home and fed him properly. He grew up and had a lot of values. He was taught how to obey the instructions that the woman gave. He had a really good appetite and did not have meat.

The Bear Story Summary

On the outskirts of a big forest lived an old lady. She found a bear cub and kept it as a pet, and fed the bear with the bottle. The bear grew bigger and became a very powerful adult as the years passed by. He was a friendly bear who enjoyed amicably catching the cattle that were grazing. Children enjoyed playing with him. 

The bear had a cook appetite, and the cook ensured to feed the bear well. The bear did not eat meat, and his diet consisted of potato, porridge, cabbage, bread, and turnip.

At a young age, the bear used to climb apple trees. He understood that it was not smart to be climbing apple trees. So, he started to wait patiently for apples to fall on the ground. 

The bear was taught that he must not touch beehives. He still plucked beehives and received punishment for it. As a punishment, he was put on a chain for two days, rather than just being put on a chain at night.

The lady visited her sister every Sunday. The sister’s house was on the other side of the mountain lake. It was difficult for her to take the bear through the forest, so he was chained on Sundays. One day, the old lady and the bear fell into the water. The bear was a savior, so he got patted and was given an apple. The bear was chained by his mistress, and she went to the forest. After a bit, the lady noticed the bear following her.  She was not pleased by his disobedience, and she did not have any time to take the bear home. The lady loudly asked the bear to go back. The bear was not obeying her, and she was also annoyed about him losing his new collar.

Eventually, she thought of punishing the bear. She hit the bear with her parasol. She hit it with extreme force, and it broke into two. The bear went, but he took a look back at the lady. She finally could not see him anymore. When she returned, she chained the bear for two more days. The cook told the lady that the bear behaved like an angel. This led to the lady understanding her mistake and that the bear was someone else’s,

The Bear Story Analysis

Once, a lady lived in the manor-house of a big forest. She came across a starving bear cub in the forest. He was helpless, and she offered him a bottle of water. She cared for the bear like it was her own son. The caring bear never harmed people around him. The story talks about the care and affection with which the bear was taken care of. He was also punished when he was not obedient or was naughty. He was chained for days as punishment. The children enjoyed riding on his back and playing with him. The three mountain ponies who lived in the stable were not scared of the bear.

The bear enjoyed catching cattle, and he had a good appetite. The cook fed him well, and he did not eat meat. He was fed bread, porridge, cabbages, potatoes, and turnip. He was taught that he should not climb apple trees or touch the beehive. He used to listen to his mistress and follow what he was taught. As a young bear, he used to climb apple trees and realized that it was not wise. So, he started to wait for the apple to fall. He was once punished because he touched the beehive. The lady used to go to the other side of the mountain lake to visit her sister and did not take the bear. So, the bear was chained for the entire afternoon on Sundays.

Once, the lady saw that the bear was following her and get angry about the bear disobeying her. She did not have time to take him home. She harshly told the bear to go back and threatened him. The bear was still disobeying her, so she hit the bear hard with her parasol, and it broke into two pieces. Several times, the bear opened his mouth like he wanted to say something. He turned back and went after he was hit. He stopped in between to look back. The lady went home and saw the bear sitting in his place for a while. She thought that the bear felt sorry about not obeying her decision. She was angry and scolded him and decided to punish and chain him for two days. When the cook heard the conversation, she ran outside and said that he was sitting there all day. The lady realized that another bear was following her.

The Bear Story Theme

The theme of the story is that everyone must react with open eyes to prevent themselves from making the wrong decisions. The story shows us the lovable side of a very fierce animal. It teaches one that they must not make any decision without addressing the situation.

The Bear Story Analysis Key Points

The story talks about a lady who lives in a manor-house in a dense forest. This lady kept a bear as her pet. The lady had the habit of visiting her sister every Sunday, and she used to chain the bear. As time passed, the bear grew very strong physically and had a good nature, and ate regular food. He was very obedient to the lady. On a Sunday, the lady was walking through a dense forest and saw that the bear was following her. The lady became angry and hit the bear with an umbrella. She did not harm him but later realized that it was a mistake.

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