Who Did Patrick’s Homework: Summary and Analysis: 2022

The story Who Did Patrick’s Homework is about a boy who did not like to do his homework at all. The story will talk about the manner in which Patrick gets inspired and is driven to work hard by an imaginary being.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Summary

The story has portrayed magical realism in a very different way. It tells the story of a boy named Patrick, who did not like doing his homework. He did not complete his homework, because of which he did not get good grades. He is not interested in homework and only wants to play games like hockey, basketball, and Nintendo.

Patrick’s teachers were warning him to finish his homework to prevent him from being an ignorant person. Patrick feels similarly too but does nothing about it.

Once, he sees that his car is playing with a little doll. He takes away the doll and sees that it is not a doll but a little man. The man was wearing old-fashioned britches and a tall hat, like a witch’s.

The man cried and pleaded for help and asks to save him. The man agreed to grant him a wish in return. Patrick saves the little man and is happy about getting the one wish. He asks to complete his homework till the end of the semester. The man did not like it but agreed to do it. He starts working at night but faces difficulty. The elf asked for Patrick’s help quite often. He asked Patrick for a dictionary, then asks him to find a word and spell it loudly. It was the same with math, and Patrick had to sit beside him to guide him throughout.

Patrick goes to the library and brings books, and reads them to the man. The elf then writes those down in his homework. Practically, it was Patrick who did all the hard work.

When the final day arrived, the elf is free to leave. When the results come out, Patrick had scored an A grade. This is surprising to his classmates and teachers. The parents wonder how he became such a model kid. This led Patrick to develop a different attitude. While Patrick believed that the elf finished his homework, Patrick was the one finishing it.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Analysis

Patrick was not a lazy boy. He used to play hockey and basketball with great enthusiasm but did not like doing his homework. He was not very interested in studies and was warned by teachers to do his homework and that if he did not do it, he would not learn anything. One day, Patrick saw that his cat was playing with a doll, but it was actually a small man, an elf. The elf wore a woolen shirt, a tall hat, and breeches. He was in trouble and pleaded for help. Patrick saved him and return, was granted a wish.

Patrick was happy and asked the man to do his homework for thirty-five days. The man did not like that but kept his promise. The man did not know much about math and English and needed constant help. He made Patrick look up things in the dictionary. Patrick had to sit beside him and guide him throughout and get books from the library. He worked very hard.

After thirty-five days, the elf went. Patrick scored well in all the subjects. He was a changed boy now and became gentle. He believed that the tiny man did all of his homework, but it was him.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Theme

The story is based on the theme that the key to success is just hard work. It teaches students to always do their own work and explains how self-help can do wonders.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Analysis Key Points

The story is about a boy named Patrick. He keeps enjoying games, and despite his teacher’s constant warning to complete the homework, he rarely listens. Once, he sees that his cat is playing with a doll, and he takes it away. To his surprise, it was not a doll, but a little man, who was pleading to Patrick to save him, and in return, he promised that he would grant a wish. Patrick asked the little man to do his homework. The man agreed and began to do his work. However, he was constantly asking for Patrick’s help in all subjects. He used to asked the meaning of words and ask him to explain the events. When the results came out, Patrick got an A grade and was happy about becoming independent.

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