The Book That Saved The Earth: Summary and Analysis: 2022

The Book That Saved the Earth, by Claire Bioko, is a hypothetical play about the Martian characters- Think Tank, Noodle, Omega, Iota, and Oop. They visit the Earth with the plan of invading it. The story unravels their attempt. 

The Book That Saved The Earth Summary

The play was written by Claire Bioko. As the historians sit in the Museum of Ancient History in the twenty-fifth century, they tell the tale of the Martians who visited the Earth in the twentieth century to invade the planet. The play is set in the Era of the Book, the twentieth century. It has imaginary characters with unique names like Chief Think-Tank, Apprentice Noodle, Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota, Sergeant Oop.

Think-Tank considers himself the most powerful and intelligent among the Martians and makes the decision of visiting Earth with his team. Owing to his big balloon head, he is under the assumption that he is the most intelligent of all and constantly wants praises for it. His team and he are eager to find out the way Earthlings live and the way they can put the planet under their rulership. They arrive at the Centerville Public Library on Earth that was full of books. But, they could not comprehend the purpose of the objects on the shelves.

The mighty Think-Tank shows his intelligence and tells his crew that Earthlings are fond of eating and have probably arranged sandwiches on the shelves. He orders Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota, and Sergeant Oop to eat the book. Captain Omega and Lieutenant Iota were clever enough the transfer the responsibility of eating the book to Sergeant Oop. Sergeant Oop has no choice and eats the corner of the book but does not like the taste. He confirms that it is not delicious, and the crew realizes that it is not meant for eating.

Apprentice Noodle suggests that the book could be used for communication purposes. They try to hear the book by holding it close to their ears but could not hear any sound. He then suggests that the books could be used for communication with eyes. Think-Tank agrees and asks the entire crew to open and read the book. The book was Mother Goose, a children’s rhyme book. However, they cannot understand or read it.

Apprentice Noodle reminds Think-Tank about the vitamin pills that the Mars chemical department gave them to increase their intelligence. Think-Tank orders the crew to take those pills. Before reading the book, they popped the pills, and Sergeant Oop started reading the book. They take the literal meanings of the rhyme. He reads Humpty Dumpty and the pictures of Humpty resemble Think-Tank.

Think-Tank is terrified because he thinks that the Earthlings have identified him and want to kill him. All the information that they have gathered about Earthlings makes Think-Tank announce the postponement of the idea of invading Earth. He asks his crew to immediately leave and leave no trace and evacuate Mars. He orders that the team head to Alpha Centauri, a hundred million miles away. The old book of rhymes, Mother Goose, saved Earth.

The Book That Saved The Earth Analysis

The play is based in the 25th century. The historian narrated the story about the 20th century, which is known to be the Era of Books. He tells a tale of how a book saved the earth from a Martian invasion. The invaders were from Mars and considered themselves supremely intelligent for the Earthlings. They think of themselves as the superior race. They have a megalomania commander who orders the team of the invader. The members of the team enter a library and are unable to identify what books are. They make all kinds of assumptions about it and finally arrived at the conclusion that it could be a communication device. They make attempts to understand what is written in the book, and it is full of nursery rhymes. They assume that the Earthlings will attack Mars. They are terrified and instantly leave Earth and move to the distant Alpha Centauri.

The Book That Saved The Earth Theme

The play is primarily about half-fed knowledge being dangerous. It is a story about the old book of rhymes, Mother Goose, that managed to save the world from the Martian invasion. The play is based in the 25th century, and the historians take the readers to the twentieth century. 

The Book That Saved The Earth Character Sketch

Think-Tank is from Mars and has a large oval head. His gown is embellished with stars and circles. He thinks of himself as the most powerful and intelligent creature in all of the universe. He commands his team around and likes to be praised for his intelligence. He thinks that books are sandwiches. He constantly boasts of his intelligence and wisdom, however, he does not make any decisions. He assumes that he is Humpty and that Earthlings plan on killing him. He thinks that the Earthlings are already familiar with him and would destroy him. He postpones the invasion, evacuates Mars, and leaves no traces behind. In fear, he goes away as far away as possible.

Noodle is Think-Tank’s apprentice and an intelligent creature. He is very modest. He makes all the decisions and gives his boss the credit. He uses his wisdom and logic and identifies that books are forms of communication. He is a great leader. Over five hundred years later, as a commander, he manages to create a good relationship between the Martians and the people of Earth. 

The Book That Saved The Earth Analysis Key Points

Written by Claire Bioko, the play is about an imaginary world. The characters are Think-Tank, Noodle, Omega, Oop, etc. These are Martian living beings from the twentieth century. The characters came to the Earth with the plan of invading it. They reach a library and misinterpret books for sandwiches. They try to understand the rhymes in a book. They assumed that they were in danger and left instantly. Just a children’s rhyme book saved the Earth from an invasion.

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