A Letter To God Summary and Analysis: 2022

In this article, you will get insights into A Letter to God Summary. The story is written by G.L. Fuentes, one of the best writers of the time. The story is about having unquestionable faith in God and is based in a Latin American country. 

A Letter to God Summary

The story, A Letter to God, is written by G.L.Fuentes and depicts the firm faith that poor, simple farmer, Lencho had in God. Lencho was a dedicated farmer and hoping to get a decent harvest. Unfortunately, a hailstorm came suddenly and destroyed his crop and harvest in its entirety. When Lencho witnessed the damage, he was taken aback and felt really sad, but he firmly believed in God. He was a learned man and knew how to read and write. He knew with complete certainty that God would help him. So, he drafted a letter to God and spoke about his financial constraints. He requested God to send him a hundred pesos to sow his field and not let his family starve. He wrote the letter and went to the post office, placed a stamp, and dropped it into the mailbox.

When the postman took the letters out, he laughed after reading it. He instantly rushed and showed the strange letter to the postmaster. The postmaster read the letter and laughed out loud to see that it was addressed to God. However, the unapologetic and extreme faith with which the farmer had written the letter to God moved him deeply. He was impressed by the farmer’s unquestionable faith in God and decided to be of aid. He asked the post office’s employees to contribute some money as charity and gave a part of salary to ensure that Lencho’s faith in God remains unshaken. The money collected, however, with a little less than what Lencho requested from God. The postmaster put all the money in an envelope and addressed it to the poor farmer.

Lencho went to the post office the following Sunday and enquired if there was a letter for him. The postmaster gently handed over the letter to him. Lencho was unfazed and unsurprised to see the letter and the money inside an envelope. He opened the envelope confidently and begun to count the money. He was infuriated to see that there were only seventy pesos in it. He was certain that God would not make such a mistake and immediately went to the window, asked for paper and ink, and wrote another letter to God and posted it.

After Lencho left, the postmaster opened the letter and read it immediately. Lencho has complained to God that his request was for a hundred pesos and was upset to find only seventy pesos in the envelope. He criticized the post office employees because he thought that they stole the remaining thirty pesos from his envelope. He requested God to send the remaining money because he urgently needed it. He also asked God to not send it through the mail because Lenco thought that the post office employees were ‘a bunch of crooks’ who might have stolen the money.

 A Letter to God Analysis

 The story, ‘A Letter to God’ is about the unwavering faith a farmer has in God. The story is about Lencho, who expected a rain shower that would nourish his cornfield. He is sure that this harvest would bring him huge profits like every year. To his dismay, the rainfall turned into a hailstorm that destroyed his entire field. The damage posed a threat to his family’s survival because their livelihood depended on the year’s produce. They were disheartened but strongly believed in God. Lencho knew how to write and decided to write to God about his predicament and ask for help. 

He went to town and posted to letter to God. The employees of the post office were amused but wanted to keep his belief intact. Everyone from the post office contributed to give the farmer seventy pesos. They wrapped it in an envelope and made it look like a reply from God. Lencho collected the letter from the post office with utmost calm. He was angry about finding lesser than what he requested. He wrote to God again and expressed his disappointment and distrust in the post office employees because he believed that they took the remaining amount.

A Letter to God Character Sketch

Lencho is the protagonist of the story. The poor farmer is the sole bread earner of the family. His faith in God was unwavering. He lived in a small house on the crest of a low hill. He sat in the house and waited for rainfall throughout the morning. However, to his dismay, it turned out to be a hailstorm that ruined his crops. He wrote a letter to God requesting hundred pesos because of his absolute belief that God would deliver. However, he was angry to receive seventy pesos only and blamed the post office employees for it in his complaint letter to God.

The postmaster is a humble and kind man who found a letter to God amusing. However, he did not want to shatter Lencho’s absolute faith in God, so he arranged for everyone to contribute to Lencho under charity. He also contributed a good part of his salary to this cause. He successfully managed to raise seventy pesos. It is very disheartening that Lencho thought they stole his money when they were trying to help him all along.

A Letter to God Theme

The story discusses and is based on an unexpected turn of events in the life of a poor, dedicated farmer, Lencho. He loses the entire year’s harvest to a hailstorm and is convinced that only God can help him. He decides to write a letter to God and seek the aid of a hundred pesos. The post office employees help him and raise seventy pesos. 

The story highlights Lencho’s extreme faith in God, which gets rewarded by humans. However, it also shows Lencho’s innocence and naivety. It gives out the message that generosity is recognized and sometimes not credited. The post office employees were considered a bunch of crooks despite being the ones to help Lencho. However, he clearly does not trust them and believes that they stole his money.

A Letter to God Analysis Key Points

The story is about Lencho, a farmer and the protagonist of the story. He writes a letter to the Almighty and seeks help because his total crop yield got destroyed because of a devastating hailstorm. His wishes were partially fulfilled, and he was ungrateful. He questions the honesty and modesty of the postmasters, who were the ones to help him under the name of God anonymously. The story tells us to have faith and believe in its power to fulfill our needs. It tells us to believe in humanity because it still prevails.

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