The Dying Christian to His Soul Tone by Alexander Pope


Here we have touched on the tone of the poem The Dying Christian to His Soul. Almost all of the words used in the poem relate to death in one way or another and convey the though to the reader that death isn’t supposed to be harsh and painful, but somewhat of an enjoyable and happy experience. The rhythm of this poem ranges from iambic pentameter to anapestic heptameter. Most of the lines from every stanza start off as being iambic pentameter. As each stanza progresses, however, the rhythm of the poem starts to become more complex until it reaches its peak at anapestic heptameter. This is how
the rhythm of the poem is organized.

The sound of the poem seems to be the same throughout the poem with the exception of line two in the first stanza. Most of the lines contain a masculine rhyme, which when the sounds have only one syllable. The exception to this is on line two where it has alliteration, which is when consonant sounds at the beginning
of the words are all repeated throughout the line.

Finally, the structure of the poem seems to be in free-verse. The pattern of sounds is not very obvious and is very difficult to decipher and set into a category of structures. Most of the lines have different rhythms, different subjects, and different use of diction. This is the main reason why this poem is a free-verse poem.

Pope makes “The Dying Christian in his Soul” a very complex and original poem. The main theme of death is excellently portrayed in this poem. In addition, many literary devices such as “theme” or “alliterations” are used throughout the poem. To fully understand all of Pope’s poems, one must fully analyze it for all it’s worth. One should examine every single detail, every single word, to find the true meaning of Pope’s poems. If one should do this, they would be subjected to many different forms of expression in the language and discover the beauty of the language known as English. Hope this short note on The Dying Christian in his Soul Tone was helpful for all of you!


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