Solved Question of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers by Adrienne Rich: 2022

Solved Questions of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers:

1. What is the poet’s concept of marriage?

According to the poet, Marriage is unequal due to male domination and inequality. The woman at the center of the poem, Aunt Jennifer, is an anxious and fearful wife. She lacks inner conviction or certainty, unlike the tigers she portrays. Aunt Jennifer has become proficient in her life. She lives a life of disparity. She is so nervous that her fingers flutter through the wool she is using in her drapery or panel. The poet depicts the marriage of Jennifer as an unhappy one for her. Aunt Jennifer feels the problem of duty and obedience. This is revealed by the representation of the wedding ring that she wears. It is pronounced as her husband’s property, Uncle’s wedding band. It sits cripplingly on her hand because he dominates her life. Her life with her spouse is described as a life of ordeals.  It is shown that Jennifer is horrified in her marriage. Her husband may be violent to her than the tigers she creates in her artwork.  For that reason, the poem provides a negative picture of marriage. The poem is probably saying that the Uncle or husband is performing like a tiger, and the Tigers are chivalric like the husband should be. Each world is the opposite of what it should be.

2. How does poet compare the real world and world of art?

In the poem, the world of art is depicted as happier than the real world. Aunt Jennifer’s hobby is making designs and pictures from wool. The creatures she places there are free and proud, the opposite to herself. She is ringed or mastered in marriage and as a result, she is not free but controlled.  It looks as if that she creates a happier looking world than the one she lives in. She makes accurate and brightly colored pictures like the sharp yellow Tigers of the poem, visualized against a green background. These bright complementary colors are probably much brighter than Jennifer’s everyday world. Her imaginative work will live on even after she dies, as, according to the poet, her Tigers will go on prancing. The figures she creates are durable and happier than she is. They are proud and prance about, contrasting their creator, who is nervous and fears her husband. The imaginary Tigers produced by Aunt Jennifer live a kind of proud and free life that she can only dream about. It is a chivalric world, one where gentlemen treat women with great respect. Yet this is also a false world, as real tigers live out a battle for the existence of the fittest, where the strongest takeover. Perhaps Aunt Jennifer practices art as an emission from her troubles. In her artwork, Jennifer imagines the kind of life she would have been keen on.

3. In the poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” by Adrienne Rich, what do the Tigers signify?

Aunt Jennifer sews on a drapery which has beautiful topaz tigers romping across the top of the material.  The Tigers’ strength displays that they are fearless and free. There are men inferior to the tigers that the cats ignore. They look like they have no fear of the hunters. 
The representation of the scene specifies that the men could hurt the Tigers with their weapons. However, the Tigers show contempt for the men. They are free. The Tigers will still go on infinite.  They will romp across her needlework without any fear and with dignity. Unlike Aunt Jennifer, they do not fear the men below who watch and wonder about the tigers above. When Aunt is dead, her frightened hands will lie bearing the weight of the exploitation of her spouse.

4. How is Aunt Jennifer portrayed in this poem?

Aunt Jennifer is less self-composed.  Her fingers flutter or are nervous as she sews and even finds it hard to work her needle.  The answer turns out to be clear when the poet with deadly imagery lets the reader know it is the figurative wedding band that Aunt Jennifer wears that affects her composure.   

5. Who will get the stitched panel or embroidery of the tigers, after Aunt Jennifer’s death?

Aunt Jennifer and Uncle are the primary people in this poem. She addresses the two main characters of Aunt and Uncle. The speaker notices the details of the embroidery that Aunt Jennifer is working on and also notices that Aunt Jennifer has distress with the needle and that her wedding ring seems dense on her hand. Of course, the point of the poem is not who will take over the panel, but the author does not arrange for the reader with enough information to do more than assuming and create our own scenarios.

6. How does the poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” echo the subject of the enduring conquest of women’s work and values?

Aunt Jennifer, though she is mastered by an insulting husband, finds an artistic outlet in her needlework. The embroidered Tigers advance proudly and without fear across the screen she designed. Through Aunt Jennifer’s art, Adrienne Rich recommends that women who are not able to live freely do triumph in some way because their imaginations cannot be seized or controlled. Aunt Jennifer is able to imagine and produce the world where men are nothing to fear, and this artistic vision outlasts her small, terrified hands.

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