Solved Questions of A Thing of Beauty by Keats: 2022


Solved Questions of A Thing of Beauty:

1. How is a thing of beauty a joy forever?

A thing is said to be a ‘thing of beauty,’ for the reason that it is a source of joy forever. When we think of it we should be happy and in its absence too, it should fill our minds with heavenly memories of it. A really beautiful thing gives us such a happiness that will keep on increasing every day and will remain to be doing so for ever contrary to the ordinary things that give us happiness for some time and then disappears.

2. What action of the ‘musk rose’ makes it beautiful?

The musk rose grows and blooms along with palm leaf. The humility of the great musk rose to grow with the dull leaf makes it beautiful. Moreover, it spreads its scent far away and makes the nature more beautiful and sweet. The musk Rose’s readiness to share its goodness with the rest of the world makes it rich.

3. What is the ‘grandeur of the dooms of the great people?’ How does the poet associate this ‘grandeur’ with that of the beautiful things?

The greatness of which the great people die is the ‘grandeur of the dooms of the mighty dead.’ The poet compares this importance with that of the beautiful things on account of the fact that the great people die for giving happiness to the rest of the world.

4. Who is the mighty dead? Why are they called so? How are they beautiful?

The mighty dead are the great people who have given up their lives for the humanity by struggling and dying for others. They are called so because they were generous and provided happiness for the others. They were mighty for the reason that it is more difficult to die for others than living for oneself. They are in the same way beautiful as they grieved for other people like the daffodils and trees, they provided happiness to others like the clear rills and they burnt for others like the sun.

5. Which ‘tales’ does the poet here refer to? Why are they lovely?

The poet refers to the truly beautiful stories that we have either heard or read. These tales are beautiful since they can leave an unforgettable happiness in us and each time we recall these stories, we feel our problems lifted, mind refreshed and life moving happily in spite of all disturbances.

6. How are the ‘lovely tales’ ‘fountain of immortal drink?’

A fountain of immortal drink provides us immortality. Similarly, reading and attending to really beautiful tales fill our minds with joy beyond description.

7. What does the line ‘Therefore are we wreathing a flowery band to bind us to earth’ suggest? 

As a result of all the beautiful things around us, every morning we are entwining a flowery wreath to bind us to the beauties of the earth in spite of all the sadness. In spite of all the sufferings, a beautiful thing helps us to do away with the cover of gloom or darkness from our lives.

8. What is the subject matter of the poem “A Thing of Beauty”?

A beautiful thing is a source of eternal joy, its attractiveness grows with the passage of time and its impact never fades away. It is as pleasant as a cool quiet bower or sound sleep with sweet dreams; or robust health and mental peace. It provides the beholder with a harbor of calmness and comfort.
It is the beauty of nature that keeps us attached to this earth. Every morning we collect fresh lovely flowers and prepare garlands. The fascination for flowers is our bonding with the earth. It helps us steer clear of despondency and disappointments. We forget all our despair, of acute shortage of noble souls, of misfortunes that overtake us to test our forbearance. Life is full of trials and tribulations and we often find ourselves in the midst of gloom. It is at such depressing moments that a site full of beauty dispels the pall of sadness from our spirits making room for hope and optimism.

9. How are the countless objects of beauty depicted?

The poet says that the objects of beauty are countless. These include heavenly bodies like the sun and the moon, the old and young trees that provide cool shelter to sleep, the daffodil flowers encased in green leaves, the streams that flow through a shady passage which they make themselves with plants, and the bushes that bear fragrant flowers. These simple and even commonplace things lift the human spirit filling it with joy and delight. In addition to these objects of nature, there are wonderful tales of our legendary heroes, who lived and died heroically, which inspire us with their matchless beauty. These beautiful things are metaphorically an endless source of nectar that pours down to us from heaven bringing eternal joy for the soul’s grandeur. They are like an elixir of life, a never diminishing source of pleasure and delight, an endless fountain of joy that seems to be a precious gift from Heaven.

10. What image does the poet use to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth? 

The poet draws out the image of ‘an endless fountain of immortal drink’ that transfers joy on us from the brink of heaven. These are the beautiful things in nature or artificial objects that he calls ‘immortal drink’.

11. How does a thing of beauty provide us shelter and comfort? 

John Keats is a great Romantic poet. He creates images that soothe our senses. Nature bestows us with things of rare beauty. It keeps the shade of trees ready for us to be comfortable and peaceful in it. Beautiful things also provide peace and security so that we can enjoy sound sleep. We are able to enjoy sweet dreams, good health because of them.

12. What spreads the pall of despondency over our dark spirits? How is it removed? 

Man makes his life unhappy and full of sorrow because of his own actions. The blanket of despondency is the sadness that is a consequence of one’s own actions. A thing of beauty works miracles for man and gets rid of the cover of sadness from his dampened spirits.

13. What is the message of the poem ‘A Thing of Beauty’? 

John Keats was an enthusiastic lover of nature. In his poem, he refers to the powers of nature. He wishes mankind to realize these powers and make his life enjoyable and worth living. Through his poem “A Thing of Beauty”, he tells us how a thing of beauty provides perennial joy to us.

14. How do the ‘daffodils’ and ‘clear rills’ enhance our environment? 

Daffodils are charming white flowers that bloom in green ambiances. The ‘clear rills’ or clear rivers of water create cooling comfort or passageway for themselves as they pass through the thick bushes and charge away from the heat of the sun.

15. What is the ‘grandeur of the dooms’ and ‘endless fountain of immortal drink’?

The ‘grandeur of the dooms’ is a reference to our mighty and dead ancestors who have formed beautiful objects for us. On the other hand, the ‘endless fountain’ is the endless joy provided to us by the abundances of nature in the form of nectar pouring on us from heaven.

16. How does Keats express a thing of beauty as a joy forever?

According to the poet, John Keats, a thing of beauty is a cause of constant joy. Its beauty goes on increasing. It will on no occasion fade and pass into oblivion. A bower is a Pacific and pleasant place in the shade of a tree. It arranges for shelter or protection from the hot rays of the sun. A beautiful thing also gives us sound sleep, full of pleasurable dreams, health, and peaceful breathing. Beauty hence does not lead to disinterest but a constant battle to safeguard our nature or earth.   

17. How does Keats mention about the nature of humans in this poem?

Every single morning we, the humans are weaving a flowery wreath to bind us to the beauties of the earth despite the sadness and the feeling of melancholy. We all have sinful qualities of hatred and disappointed. We suffer from lack of noble qualities and morbid evil ways. In spite of all this a beautiful thing helps to do away with the cover of gloom or darkness from our lives. It makes us love life regardless of the things that make us sad and dampen down our spirits.

18. How is Mother Nature articulated in this poem?

The sun, the moon, trees old and young is all causes of happiness for us. The trees sprout and spread their subdivisions to provide shelter within their green covering for the simple sheep. The daffodils blossom within the green environments in which they grow. The clear and small streams of water make a freshening shelter for themselves against the hot season. The thick mass of branches looks grand with their good-looking musk roses.

19. In what context is death quoted by Keats in this poem?

The first stanza ends on the note of death and the lofty structures of feeling or myth that we have invented to harmony the dead with the reverence it deserves, or demands. Death is the sentimental presence which drowns their immoralities, the great weight of the past and its detachment. In Keats’s poem, death serves as the unstoppable equivalent to the vigor and naturalness of impulse so inherent to his romantic sensuousness and vividness

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