Fire and Ice NCERT Question Answers: 2022

NCERT Solved Short Questions and Answers: Here we have added some solved short and long questions related to the poem Fire and Ice. Please go through the solved question before exam to give you a better idea of the poem.

  1. What are the two popular views in the society regarding the destruction of the world?

The poem deals the age-old belief about how the world will come to an end. Some believe that the world will end in fire but to others, it will end in ice. It is shown in the poem that each of them has potential energy to bring about the destruction of the world.

  1. What do ‘fire, and ‘ice’ stand for?

In the present poem ‘fire’ is associated with greed, cruelty, and lust whereas ‘ice’ is associated with rigidity, hatred, coldness, and indifference.

  1. How does the use of language help in making the poem effective and meaningful?

Frost chooses words from the everyday talk. The poem is full of colloquial tone and conversational language. The contrast between simple and precise vocabulary and the vague gravity of its subjects makes the poem serious and meaningful. The abrupt beginning of the opening sets the tone of the speech and makes the poem vivid and lively.

  1. Comment on the rhyme scheme of the poem.

The rhyme scheme of the poem is: ab aa  ab ab a .

This rhyme-scheme is used to present the contrasting ideas associated with ice and fire. When he talks about fire it can be understood that the fire of lust has the potentiality to destroy the world. At the same time, it is shown that the coldness of hatred is equally harmful to the peaceful existence.

  1. “But if it had to perish twice’’

Why does the poet use ‘if’ in the above quotation?

Nobody knows whether the world will end in fire or in ice. But the idea of the destruction of the world twice is somewhat complicated. The poet does not believe that the world will end twice. That’s why the poet expresses his suspicion by using the term ’if’.

  1. Is the poet’s personal view regarding the end of the world clear enough?

The poet in the present poem represents the dominant views regarding the probable causes of the destruction of the world. It may end either in fire or in ice. In other words, both of them have the power to ruin the world. But the poet does not give his own stand in this regard rather he leaves the question unanswered.

  1. How does the poet keep himself at a distance from the controversies of the poem?

The poet takes a unique mechanism to keep himself separate from the conversation of the poem. Here he only gives an account of the belief of common men. Some people think that the world will end in fire while the others believe that it will end in ice. The repetition of the word ‘some’ in the poem tells us about the aloofness of the poet from all controversies.

  1. When was the poem first published?

The poem Fire and Ice was first published in Harper Magazine in December 1920.It was later collected by the poet in New Hampshire, a collection of his verses.

  1. Comment on the ending of the poem.

The ending of the poem implies that ice has also the power to bring about the destruction of the world. So we should not bother about the matter that which one of the two (fire and ice) is stronger rather, we should keep in mind that both of them have destructive power. We should not ignore the potential power of ice which is equally harmful.

  1. Comment on the structure of the poem.

The poem Fire and Ice is a simple poem which consists of nine lines. The poem is written in a new fashion with the help of simple and colloquial language. The poem is a combination of six octosyllabic lines and three tetra-syllabic lines. The rhyme scheme of the poem is-    ab aa  ab ab a.

  1. “I think I know enough of hate”What does the speaker know about hate?

The speaker in the above line says that he knows enough of hate but we are not told he has first-hand knowledge about hate or he experiences it at a distance. But the poet’s intuitive power reminds him it is no less dangerous than the fire of lust. It can also play a trick upon anybody as it a silent killer.

  1. What is enjambement? Why does the poet use this device in the present poem?

Enjambement is a continuation of one line to the next line. There is a strong enjambement in line number 7. The poet uses this to reveal the tension needed for the perfect disappointment. This disappointment generates from the poet’s fear that ice is no less powerful than fire. It is generally ignored by the people as it works silently but it can also appear to be a great threat to human civilization.

  1. Do you think that either of fire and ice has the power the power to ruin the world?

Yes, I do believe that either of fire and ice has the power to destroy the world. We believe that the world will come to an end someday but nobody knows when and how. The world may destroy if it becomes hot by the heat of the sun. It may also ruin if it gets colder. In both cases the destruction of the world in certain.

Fire and Ice NCERT Long Questions and Answers:

  1. What message does the poet give to the reader?

Once Robert Frost claimed, “my poem begins in delight but ends in wisdom”. The present poem echoes the above statement. In this poem, the poet considers the age-old question whether the world will end in fire or in ice. It is quite interesting that the poet does not give his own opinion in this regard. It is meaningless to ask which one is stronger as we know both of them are equally harmful to the world. We can associate fire with lust, greed, avarice and intolerance whereas ice can be associated with hatred and indifference. The fire of lust and greed gets publicity but the coldness of hatred is also dangerous as it is a silent killer.  All of such black sides of human nature can obstruct the progress of human civilization.

  1. Write a brief note on how Frost deals with the theme in his poems.

The poetic themes in Frost are beaten track but his handling of them is unique. To Frost, the incident is not so important but he gives importance to its dramatic possibilities. Truth for Frost is not a philosophical concept rather it is a rational observation of facts and their representation in a direct way with intimacy. This is why there is so little of philosophy in Frost and so much of wit and wisdom. The poet leads his reader towards wisdom by giving him some pleasure at the very outset.

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