I Carry your Heart with Me Analysis by E.E.Cummings: 2022

The very aspect that strikes the mind of any reader, is the poet’s conclusion to the basic concept of love  and the eternal beauty between two human beings  banded with the one and only aspect-  the  ‘heart’. The poem beautifully blends itself convincing its readers to admire the beauty of two hearts conjoined into one, also done  by implicating an emphasis enough on ‘heart’. One also  does not fail to recognize the ecstasy , happiness and the eternal bliss  brought in by love, which is well furnished and expressed by Cummings .

Following   the poem, one discovers that the concluding interpretations  of the title is extremely parallel to the one ended precisely  off the strike. The poem is on the subject of the unconditional love articulated from a gentleman to a woman. We take  it to be  on the subject of how love expands the baggage to us and the shape it finally adds to the person it affected. The title’s ease is a  reason as well to  why this limerick is nothing but an amazing masterpiece.

The poem encircles an exaggeration right from the very beginning as it is physically impossible to carry someone else’s heart. The exaggeration though brings in the powerful feeling of love, but  on the other hand it constantly reflects the picture of someone actually carrying a piece of his loving soul. . The metaphors at the same time forces us us  to  foresee the person we love and the contentment we have qualified with them.

Cummings  deliberately  uses terms like , ‘ my darling’; ‘my sweet’ ; ‘my fate’ ; ‘my dear’ thus to make his readers constantly used to the fact that the woman acknowledged  is his own .I carry your heart in mine also has great voice throughout its line. One can attend to the words so plainly as if the poet  were speaking   softly in one’s ears . This skill makes the poem so much more lingering and realistic.

In the very first stanza of “I CARRY YOUR HEART WITH ME” , the poet deliberates his sheer passion and love for a mysterious, unknown woman who in actuality fails to exists in the poet’s life, but definitely hovers around  in the mind and imaginations of the poet.  The phrase ‘only me is you doing, my darling’ can be explained as the reflections of the of the unknown lady  in the day to day activities of  Cummings’s  life. Although the woman fails to exist in actuality, still there remains extreme uncertainty from the poet’s part of losing the love of his life.

The line, ‘I fear’ is of great prospect, since it contemplates and allows us to have connections with the poet’s deepest desires as well. In the further continuation of the poet’s passionate journey, we realize the line ‘in fear’ is not to overshadow grimness but once again an explanation of love and eternal bliss. He is also seen to discuss the to set free the shackles that clenches back individuals. He is neither drowns himself in the sea of shyness nor is he seen to dread away from any challenge, especially when is around his beloved. There one also finds a feeling of security which is associated with love.

William Shakespeare is   generally  seen to deal  with aspects where he compares  the love of his life with the  sun, moon, the stars, thus to elevate  her position and portrays  his beloved to the superior sources of beauty. Similarly Cummings  also makes an effort  to heighten the beauty  of his beloved by comparing her to the sun, the moon, and the glimmering stars. The only reason to incorporate this idea, is Cummings’s  sole purpose to conclude the fact that how love is boundless and incalculable in actuality. Cummings, by several means tries to emphasis on the notion that love has no bound and is the eternal and the sole purpose of life.

It can also be quoted as a reflective poem  as Cummings conveys the changes in his life brought in by the amalgamation of  two pure hearts and how he retaliates to  her presence. No longer does the agitation of destiny strikes hard, as there is now someone to walk the tough paths  along with him. In the last and  final stanza, E.E. Cummings begins to portray a thing  amazing that he retaliates to himself. The only motive for all that he does and the sole purpose for who he is. He compares and refers to the ideas of the sun, moon, stars thus an implication to reveal the secrets and proceed  towards the grand finale.

In the final stanza Cummings briefs the tree of life and describes how one’s imagination is filled up with the ability to  grow into such incredible a thing , one would ever imagine. Love is here compared to the tree of life, which seemed tiny a thing at the very beginning, but once it grows becomes  constant and beautiful. Apart from that, Cummings also used the comparison of  his lady love with  the sun, who is said to be ever shinning and ever constant.

This poem has a lot of underscore sensation concealed underneath the text. As  Cummings’ directs his verse to the one lady he is obsessed with, he uses words that is restful and consoling. These terms caresses and haggars one in as they are well-known province to the greater part of us who have skilled in love. His tone is glorious in that his words are so lovable and solemn. They are neither multifaceted nor do they mystifies  one. They are direct from the ‘heart’ and one  can easily experience that they are all the way through the entire poem.

One  can advise that he is intensely in a feel affection for with this anonymous lady love for he reflects ahead how he will forever grasp a section of her within his heart. These language are stiff for most to articulate and approaches  to stipulations with but  Cummings does not reverses and in doing so, readily allows his readers to sense all the sentiments, and all the passion he does.

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