Success is Counted Sweetest Analysis by Emily Dickinson

Success is counted sweetest analysis actually weighs victory against sufferings, triumph against loss, and thereby identifies the notion of success! To understand success in its true meaning, you must embrace failure, and then rise beyond it!

Emily dedicates this poem to those people who never succeed! It is they who are closely attached to success, and perhaps no one can understand the implication of success better than them!

A deeper study of the poem will actually let you understand why the poet has used the phrases like, purple host, flag today, defeated- dying! In a battle everyone gives his hundred per cent otherwise they perish! The fact that, every after doing the very best, people fail, makes us feel sorry! A materialistic failure brings you to the highest state of spiritual realization.

The poet not only credits success that is hard attained but sympathizes with those who hope to attain success, until they fail.

If we analyse this poem from a biographical point of view, this can be Emily’s response to those around her who attained the highest stature and success (maybe due to the social position, and thus, indifferent to the real taste of success)

The poet remarkably explores the idea; a defeated person is actually capable of understanding the implication of success and thus he becomes a devise to explore unknown terrains of success! His efforts to achieve success may baffle erstwhile successful people and thus, he sets a new horizon of success!

False Glorification of Success

Emily is constructive to criticize the false glorification of success through phrases like “purple host” and “flag today”. Those who have really attained success through much effort and not by chance would never entertain such a glorious welcome! This affects those who have failed and thus, the poem turns as an instrument to teach “human philosophy and morality”.

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